Claim Information

We're here to ensure your claim is handled with ease and care.

I've experienced a loss! How do I submit a claim?

What steps should I take after submitting my claim?

  • Contact police about burglaries, thefts, and accidents that involve injuries or damage to property.
  • Protect yourself from further damage by making temporary repairs as necessary. Keep your receipts.

What additional information may need to be supplied?

After your claim is submitted, the following documents may be needed to support your insurance claim. Your claim adjuster can guide you through the process.

Claim Service Guarantee

At your request, we may recommend repair shops or contractors in your area which we are confident will provide you with the quality claim repairs you deserve. We'll guarantee the workmanship of those claim repairs.

You maintain the right to choose your own repair shop or contractor in the event of a loss.

How do I get paid out for my claim?

For information about options for having your claim paid out visit our FAQ to see answers to questions about claim payments.

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