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Theft claim guide (Québec only)

As each theft is unique, your claims adjuster will guide and support you through the process of resolving your claim.

  1. Report the theft or burglary to the police and note the police case number.
  2. Make a list of stolen items and any property damage. Provide a copy of this list to the police.
  3. When you contact us, please provide your police case number.

When we are notified of your claim, your claims adjuster will contact you to gather information about the incident (also referred to as a loss). We will ask you to describe:

  • What, when, where and how the incident happened
  • Who was involved, if known
  • Any damage that was done

If you have a police report, provide the number to your claims adjuster and discuss any questions or concerns. In some cases, we may send a claims adjuster to meet with you and view any related property damage.

If you need to prevent further damage to your property or secure your home, there are two options: i) you can complete temporary repairs on your own and submit receipts to your claims adjuster for payment, or ii) your claims adjuster can help you arrange repairs by sending out a contractor.

We will need your cooperation to determine the value of the destroyed or stolen items. If your contents can be repaired, we will arrange to do so.

  • To help us assess the value of stolen personal property, you will need to record an inventory of your loss on the Schedule of Loss form. You will be asked to supply proof of ownership and value, such as copies of bills of sale, invoices, appraisals, packaging, owner’s manuals, or photographs. If necessary, we may also use expert appraisers to establish values.
  • Please use the Schedule of Loss form to itemize stolen property and track replacement receipts. Your claims adjuster needs this information to settle your claim.
  • Ensure that you keep copies of letters or documents that are mailed to us for your own records.
  • In accordance with regulations, you may be required to sign a Proof of Loss form. Where applicable, your claims adjuster will advise you regarding the specific requirements for the Proof of Loss form.

Your claims adjuster works with quotes based on an appraisal or description of the item and payment will be based on the lowest quote. If you prefer to replace the item through a jeweller of your choice, you may do so. Jewellery items that you do not wish to replace may be settled on an actual cash value basis (see your claims adjuster for additional questions).

When lost items include electronics, such as TVs and computers, we will obtain quotes on replacement items that are identical or similar to the make and model of the damaged item(s). If you wish to upgrade, you will be asked to pay the cost difference.

Under your insurance policy, certain types of personal property will only be settled on an actual cash value basis. These include items that cannot be replaced with new articles because of their inherent nature, such as:

  • Antiques, fine arts, paintings, statuary
  • Memorabilia, souvenirs, collector’s items
  • Property that is not in good or workable condition
  • Property no longer used for its original purpose

Your policy carries additional coverage for lock replacement. We will pay up to a certain amount to replace or rekey (at our option) locks on your premises if your keys are stolen. No deductible applies to this coverage. Not applicable to any seasonal dwellings.

Unless you have insured items specifically, there are coverage limits that may apply to some items. The most common items are:

  • Jewellery, watches, furs, gems, fur garments
  • Money, including cash cards or bullion
  • Coin collections
  • Books, tools and instruments related to business activities
  • Watercraft and equipment
  • Spare automobile parts

If your policy provides replacement or repair cost coverage without deducting depreciation on contents, it is your choice whether to replace the items or cash settle.

You have the option to:

  • Purchase new items to replace lost items and provide the corresponding replacement receipts.
  • Replace your items through our preferred vendors.They will invoice us directly.

When replacing items, you are required to submit receipts for reimbursement, and replacement must be for like kind and quality.

Your claims adjuster can provide additional details about these options.

Your claims adjuster is available to assist you and provide guidance regarding your claim and policy coverage, so please reach out should you have any questions.

We aim to provide excellent customer service and support to all of our policyholders. Our goal is to be as responsive to you as possible throughout your claim experience. Claim volumes do vary significantly with severe weather, affecting our response times. In these cases, your patience is appreciated.