Conscience Money

A guilty conscience is a terrible burden. Wawanesa's files are sprinkled with cases of individuals who reimbursed the company for funds fraudulently or mistakenly acquired.

One Qu├ębec man sent Wawanesa eight post-dated cheques for $368, relating to a fraudulent auto accident claim. A company representative found the man, the unfortunate victim of two industrial accidents, living with his wife and seven children in a "shack." Recognizing his circumstances, Wawanesa arranged to forgive the debt.

On another occasion, a Manitoba woman was overcome by remorse. After her home burned down, she was paid $8,000 for the building and contents. About a year later, she told her minister that she had set the fire to collect the insurance money. Her minister persuaded her to confess to her insurance agent, and a deal was struck whereby the settlement was repaid without further action by Wawanesa.


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