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Walking through your Statement of Account

We’ve redesigned our policy documents to ensure they're easier to read and understand.

Your Policy Number is how we uniquely identify each of your policies. Please note that your Policy Number has changed.
We are introducing Invoice Numbers to easily align payments with policies. Use your new Invoice Number if you make online payments to Wawanesa.*
The Notice Date specifies when the Statement of Account was issued.
The Policy Period is the effective and expiry dates of your policy term.

* If you make online payments to Wawanesa through your financial institution, you need to set up Wawanesa Insurance as a payee with your Invoice Number.

Wawanesa is upgrading systems to better serve our policyholders. As policies move to the new system, each one is assigned a new policy number.

You now need to include your invoice number if you make online payments directly to Wawanesa, either at or through your financial institution. If you are billed by your broker, you cannot make online payments to Wawanesa so you won’t receive a Statement of Account or a Wawanesa invoice number.

If you have more than one policy with Wawanesa, you may have more than one Invoice Number. Please use the Invoice Number on your Statement of Account to apply payments to that policy.

No, your monthly payments will continue to be withdrawn as scheduled. If you would like to change your payment plan, please contact your insurance broker.

These documents are sent to policyholders who submit payments directly to Wawanesa. If you are billed by your broker, you don’t need a Statement of Account or Monthly Automatic Chequing Payment Notice. Please contact your insurance broker if you have any questions. They will ensure you have the information you need.

Your insurance policy package is your insurance contract. It includes your policy declaration and your policy wordings. Your policy declaration is a summary of the coverage and limits you have purchased. Your policy wordings provide you with a detailed explanation of your coverage, including descriptions of any endorsements, exclusions, conditions, or limitations that may apply to your policy coverage. You can now download your policy wordings online.

Yes, you will receive new documents, along with new Policy Numbers and Invoice Numbers (if required), as policies are updated.

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