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An Introduction to Contractor’s Choice

Designed for contractors, general contractors and subcontractors, Wawanesa Insurance’s Contractor’s Choice is a series of competitive insurance plans that are available in three unique packages. Ideal for those in commercial and/or residential construction, renovation, carpentry, door and window installation and many other projects, it’s a complete solution for your business needs. Here is an overview of the three Contractor’s Choice packages Wawanesa offers.

Contractor’s Choice Basic

This package includes the core benefits our clients expect at a lower cost. Coverage for business contents and installation as well as machinery and equipment is included. In addition, tool coverage, commercial general liability and crime including Third Party Bond is part of the Contractor’s Choice Basic package. Small business friendly and competitively priced, it provides the essential coverage you need.

Contractor’s Choice

Known as the classic package, Contractor’s Choice includes all the features of the Basic package and more. Included is coverage for business income (profits), extra expense and accounts receivable. Additionally, property coverage of every description, property off-premises and in-transit, and loss of use regarding machinery and equipment is also included. Wawanesa’s mid-range and most popular package, Contractor’s Choice is designed to substantially protect your business.

Contractor’s Choice Plus

Wawanesa’s top-tier package, Contractor’s Choice Plus provides the most coverage at incredible value. With bigger limits as well as the added security of Wawanesa Flex Protect, you can be assured of being safeguarded against even the most unexpected problems. Contractor’s Choice Plus includes all of the features of our other packages as well as coverage for business income (project site), signs (including project site signs) and damage from blasting or weakening of support. It also includes contract penalty coverage as well as that for crane liability. Contractor’s Choice Plus even covers instances where machinery and equipment sink into ice and/or muskeg, as well as salvage removal and replacement.

Designed to fit your needs and protect you accordingly, Contractor’s Choice’s three packages are the best insurance solution for everything from small businesses to independent contractors. Regardless of whether you’re a plumber or manage an entire team of renovation experts, you can be assured of a secure, cost-effective and highly beneficial form of protection with Wawanesa Insurance and any Contractor’s Choice package. Contact your Insurance Broker today to help you choose the best Contractor's Choice package to suit your needs.

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