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Social Media Guidelines

We value the opportunity to engage with our members, brokers, employees and the public. We encourage engagement on all our social accounts and strive to create a positive, inclusive and safe environment for everyone.

We welcome comments, questions and discussion about our products and service, but reserve the right to moderate content to ensure our social media channels remain welcoming and respectful. We have a responsibility to remove content that may harm or negatively impact the experience of other users, or which violates social media platforms’ published community standards. Such content includes:

  1. Hateful or abusive posts of any kind
  2. Threats of violence, bullying, harassment or intimidation
  3. Indecent, lewd, sexual or pornographic comments or content
  4. Abuse or misrepresentation of copyrighted materials
  5. Privacy disclosure violations
  6. Endorsement of unlawful behaviour
  7. SPAM or commercial solicitations

We’re committed to protecting our members’ privacy and advise that private information about yourself or others should not be shared on our social media channels, even if it relates to your insurance policy with us. If you have specific questions about your policy, please reach us at or contact your insurance broker or claims representative.