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Take action to avoid Distracted Driving

Activating the Do Not Disturb function on your smartphone is an easy way to keep yourself and others safe on the road.

We all know that driving while unfocused is risky, but when your smartphone starts ringing or sending alerts, it’s tempting to pull your eyes off the road.

Driving distracted puts the safety of our communities at risk, especially with the increased use of personal technology. You are 23 times more likely to cause an accident if you text while driving and four times more likely if you talk on a smartphone – whether hand-held or hands-free.

Activating the Do Not Disturb feature on your smartphone is an easy way to avoid careless driving. Available on most personal devices, turning on this function will keep yourself, your loved ones and fellow drivers safe.

How to activate the Do Not Disturb feature on your smartphone


Activate Do Not Disturb by following these steps for devices with Android installed, such as Nexus and Samsung smartphones:



All iPhone users can use the following instructions to set up Do Not Disturb While Driving:

iOS 11 and up

For those iPhones running an older version of iOS, you can activate Do Not Disturb:

iOS 10 and below 

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