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Charitable Giving

As our company has grown, so has our commitment to giving back. Wawanesa is proud to deliver funding support to hundreds of charitable organizations each year.

Wawanesa’s charitable support reaches worthwhile groups in every region we do business. We direct our funding to organizations that do truly meaningful work to make our communities brighter, healthier, more vibrant places to live.

We’re also committed to stepping forward to support important projects or causes. We often “give early” to support worthwhile initiatives and allow recipient organizations to use our name to encourage others to give.

Wawanesa’s corporate donations are intended to advance progress in a range of important sectors. Our funding support spans five primary areas:

Social services - Groups and organizations dedicated to building stronger, more inclusive communities.

Health - Organizations committed to advancing critical health research as well as those who deliver important care.

Arts and culture – Arts and cultural groups of every type, from the visual arts to theatre, music and dance, museums and more.

Education - A wide group of recipients, from small public libraries to major universities, with a strong focus on facilitating access to post-secondary education for those who may not otherwise have the opportunity.

Community activities - Groups that provide programming and supports to the local community in each of our regions.