Claim Emergency

In the event of a loss or damage emergency, contact your Insurance Broker or the nearest Wawanesa Insurance Branch or Service Office to report your claim.

After Hours Claim Emergency Phone Numbers

Maritimes: 1-800-290-0886
Québec: 1-855-801-0297
Ontario: 1-800-641-7988 or (416) 228-7899
Winnipeg: (204) 985-3811
Thunder Bay: (807) 624-5670
Prairie: 1-866-441-2444
Northern Alberta: 1-800-625-7891
Calgary: (403) 990-1072
Lethbridge: 1-855-801-0284
BC Branch and Yukon: (604) 643-8933

Report an Insurance Crime (

If the loss or damage is not an emergency, please contact your Insurance Broker on the next business day. You may also Submit an Automobile Claim or Submit a Residential Claim online.

The Broker Advantage

Speak to an Insurance Broker for expert advice on your insurance needs. They are unbiased, experienced professionals who ensure your interests come first.

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