Farm Coverage

Wawanesa’s farm coverage package, Your Farm Insurance Policy, offers the same coverages as Your Personal Insurance Policy in addition to the following:

  • Barns, Buildings and Other Structures located on your farm
  • Contents Coverage of property used in your farming operations
  • Farm Liability
  • Farm Machinery, Equipment, Tools and Parts
  • Feed, Grain, Chemicals, Fertilizer and Produce
  • Livestock

We also have a variety of Optional Coverages available, such as:

  • Boarding and Training of Horses Coverage
  • Feedlot Liability Coverage
  • Loss of Use Coverage on Farm Machinery
  • Milk Contamination Coverage
  • Replacement Cost Coverage on Farm Machinery*

* On qualifying risks and subject to conditions of the policy.

Please contact your Insurance Broker for the complete listing of Optional Coverages available for Your Farm Insurance Policy.

Farm Insurance Tips

  • If you choose to make significant changes or additions to your property, notify your Insurance Broker. Full disclosure of all details of the risk is needed in order for your insurance to be effective.

  • To save even more money on insurance, increase your deductible. By doing this, you agree to pay a little more of the loss when you have a claim, but your premiums are reduced.

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