Payment Methods

Save on postage, bank fees, and avoid potential NSF charges by choosing to make payments through the MAC Plan, your financial institution or using your credit card online.

The MAC Plan (Monthly Automatic Chequing)

The MAC Plan provides the convenience of scheduled monthly withdrawals from your financial institution.

  • Multiple Wawanesa policies can be paid in one single monthly withdrawal
  • Ensures continuous insurance coverage; no more worrying about missed payments
  • Allows you to select your own monthly withdrawal date
  • Saves postage and time
  • Nominal service charge*

For more information on the MAC Plan, please visit Payment Plans or contact your Insurance Broker to determine your eligibility.

NOTE: The MAC Plan cannot be used in combination with other payment methods.

Online Payments**

Visit the Billing Inquiry page to make an online credit card payment using Visa, Visa Debit, MasterCard, MasterCard Debit, or American Express.

For more information about the online payment process, please visit Billing and Payment – FAQ.

Payment Through Your Financial Institution*

You may use your financial institution's telephone or online banking service to pay your insurance premium directly from your bank account. You may need to contact your financial institution directly to set up a billing profile.

When making your payment, select "Wawanesa Insurance" for the company name. You will then be prompted to enter your 7-digit policy number, or your 10 digit invoice number, which can be found on your Statement of Invoice, Policy Declaration, or your Policy Billing Stub. Please see HELP for additional information.

NOTE: You must make a separate online banking or telephone banking installment payment for each Wawanesa policy.


Please send your cheque for the amount due and your Billing Stub to:

CP/PO BOX 1530
R3C 2Z4

NSF fees will be charged for insufficient funds.

* Please contact your Insurance Broker for further information
** Premium payments received by telephone banking or online banking do not constitute a waiver of our rights with respect to reinstatement.

The Broker Advantage

Speak to an Insurance Broker for expert advice on your insurance needs. They are unbiased, experienced professionals who ensure your interests come first.

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