Basement Flood Reduction

Basement flooding is on the rise for homeowners across Canada, often occurring without warning.

Source: Insurance Bureau of Canada

The following tips can help prevent future flood damage to your basement:

  • Avoid storing items directly on basement floors.
  • Ensure downspouts are not connected to the weeping tile and are directed away from your home.
  • Install a mainline backwater valve to protect all basement plumbing, including the catch basin.
  • Make sure your backwater valve is maintained and cleaned on a regular basis.
  • Select the right sump pump for your home by ensuring the motor is large enough to support it.
  • Ensure your sump pump has its own outlet and circuit breaker, as well as a battery backup in the event of a power failure.
  • Consider installing a warning device to signal water build-up in your sump pump.

If you are considering installing a backwater valve or sump pump, we recommend checking with your municipality on the availability of incentives or rebates related to the installation of equipment used for preventative measures.

Contact your Insurance Broker to discuss preventative tips and discounts that may be available to you.

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