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9 Online Shopping Hacks That Retailers Don't Want You to Know

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Online Shopping Hacks

According to the Consumer Price Index, consumer prices went up 8.5 percent in the year ending in March of 2022. While that statistic might not seem too jarring as you read it, considering what it means can leave you pretty winded. After all, that means you’re likely paying at least 8.5 percent more on each and every item you buy.

With that in mind, saving money on your shopping trips has never been more important.

If you’re hoping to learn about the best shopping hacks to help you thrive through 2022, then you’ve come to the right place. Learn more about our top nine shopping hacks below.


1. Leave it in Your Cart

By far, this is one of the most inventive online deal tricks we’ve come across. If you find a specific product or item that you really want, then this is what you should do:

  1. Go to the company’s site that sells the product.
  2. Create an account with them and make sure to use your real email address.
  3. Put the item you desire into your shopping cart.
  4. Leave the website.

You might think that tip sounds pointless, but companies really want to make that sale, and they know that cart abandonment costs them money. That’s why they keep an eye on those abandoned carts. Many big companies will send you an email reminding you about that product. Open that email, and you may be surprised to see a special discount or coupon!


2. Price Shop

If you’re not saving money online shopping, then you’re likely making a very common mistake — not comparing prices. This shopping hack can save you hundreds of dollars on a single product alone. Save money buying online by always putting the product into Google. Check to see if other legitimate companies are selling the same products for less.


3. Search for Coupons Online

Our list of online shopping hacks wouldn’t be complete without advising you to search for coupons online. It only takes a few minutes to do a quick Google search for “PRODUCT NAME + coupon.” You could also consider downloading apps that will automatically pull up coupons for you when you’re on a company’s website.


4. Slide into Those DMs

Companies don’t waste their time creating extensive social media profiles, creating content, and interacting with their customers for no reason. The entire point of their efforts is to help them boost their profits. You can take advantage of that fact by sliding right into those profiles’ DMs.

Big businesses know how difficult managing inflation is in 2022, so they’ll likely offer you a sneaky personal discount code for your eyes only if you simply ask for one. Of course, you can only use this tip once per company. Otherwise, they likely won’t agree to your repeated requests.


5. Look for Alternative Pickup Options

While there are plenty of shopping life hacks out there, few of them address rising shipping costs for consumers. Most online businesses that also have brick and mortar stores offer in-store pickup if you want to avoid paying shipping costs or if the item you want isn’t at your location. Another way to get free shipping is to spend enough to reach the site’s minimum purchase amount.


6. Rely on Store Loyalty

Are you a valuable and loyal customer? If so, then take advantage of that fact. Many stores, including those that sell items as varied as auto parts, pet food, and accessories, offer reward cards when you consistently purchase from them. Considering vehicle repair costs are on the rise like everything else, those few extra dollars saved can really add up.


7. Always Check for Discounts

Depending on your status, you might also be eligible for some common discounts. Many businesses offer discounts for military members, veterans, students, seniors, and even children. Insurance companies like Wawanesa can help you save money on rent or on auto or home insurance. Always inquire about discounts because Wawanesa offers dozens of discounts on all their products.


8. Join the Club

Like store loyalty, you can also get access to certain perks by giving that company what they want — your name and contact information. Once they have that important information, they know they’ll be able to advertise to you frequently, which will likely boost their sales in the future. In exchange for those long-term returns, a company is often willing to offer you a one-time or short-term discount when you subscribe to their mailing list or text messaging, sign up for a newsletter, or become a member of the company’s website.


9. Look for Lightly Used Options

In today’s world, yard sales aren’t the only place you can find a unique gem for a great price. In fact, online marketplaces are much like a modern-day yard sale. If you really want to save a good chunk of money, then consider looking for previously owned options on the web.


Did You Know About These Shopping Hacks?

Saving money while online shopping has never been more important than in 2022. Since the pandemic, many of us have grown used to bare shelves in our local communities. The only alternative for most is to use online shopping platforms.

While that might mean paying more for the items you need, it doesn’t mean you have to break the bank getting them. Use the online shopping tips and tricks we’ve outlined above to help you save more money this year.

Of course, these shopping hacks aren’t the only way to save money online shopping. Another great way to save is by getting car insurance that’s more affordable than your current policy. Get a free quote from one of our helpful agents now to see if we can help you put more of that hard-earned money into your pocket.



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