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Our Vision & Values

Wawanesa is a proud company with a long history dating back to 1896. We take pride in our stability, both financial and operational, and plan to continue growing in the future just as we have in the past. We wish to provide ever increasing numbers of policyholders with excellent products and service. Our mutual ownership structure both allows us and requires us to take a steady and prudent approach to balancing growth and financial strength.

Our purpose, vision, and values communicate who we are and what we believe in as an organization and provide guidance for our future development.

Our Purpose

We are here to look after one another.

Our Vision

Together, we will build a safer, healthier, more sustainable future for our members and communities.

Our Values


We strive for exceptional customer service delivered with empathy.


We build trust by being inclusive, supportive, and straightforward.


In good times and bad, we do right by people.


Working as one team, we respect what everyone brings to the table.


Supporting our communities is the essence of who we are.