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9 Unique Side Hustles You May Not Have Heard Of

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Between the stress of a global pandemic and the worst inflation in a generation, more people than ever are seeking ways to recalibrate their work-life balance. For some, this means exploring a creative outlet. For others, it means rejecting high-stress careers and finding new ways to contribute. A side hustle presents an ideal opportunity to pick up more income and learn the ropes of a new venture before you cut the ties to your current employment. It can even help stay-at-home parents make extra money. Whether you need more cash for a short time or want to explore starting a new business, these unique side hustles may be your path to better work-life harmony.

What is a Side Hustle?

A side hustle is a project, activity, or task that brings in extra income beyond your regular job. Typically, you can schedule your time working a side gig around your other commitments. For example, some people use a side hustle to help pay for the holidays or other large expenses, while others use a creative side hustle to test the waters of a new career.

Let’s explore 9 side hustle ideas you may have never considered.

1. Advertise on Your Car

Some companies will pay you to turn your car into a mobile billboard advertising for them. Of course, they require plenty of driving, but if that’s already a part of your schedule, why not make money doing it? Check out Wrapify or StickerRide to learn more and ensure your paint job won’t be harmed. This side hustle has an income potential of $500/ month.

2. Start a Drop Shipping Business

Start your own drop shipping business. Connect with companies who manufacture and ship products you respect, and you can provide an essential service for them. They handle the inventory and the shipping. You take care of the marketing and customer service. This unique side hustle can scale to become a lucrative career. Check out companies like Alibaba, Amazon, and Dropship Direct. Income potential: $500 - $5,000/ month.

3. Become a Virtual Assistant

The demand for virtual assistants is enormous, for both business and personal tasks. The duties of a personal assistant vary widely but may include answering emails, making phone calls, meeting repairmen, scheduling appointments, performing data entry, purchasing gifts, running errands, and more. Income potential: $25/ hour.

4. Sell Photos Online

If you’re a shutterbug, this is your creative side hustle. Stock photo companies pay for high-quality photos of all kinds. You will forfeit the copyright but can gain a wealth of experience. Turn any vacation, Starbucks run, or a trip to the park into an opportunity to snap some photos and sell them for cash. Check out stock photo companies like Shutterstock, Bigstock, oStock, and 123RF. Income potential: $.25 - $.45/ photograph.

5. Create Digital Downloads

If you have a knack for color and design, consider creating digital downloads for sale. These are some of the best-selling products on Etsy and Amazon. You can create a new calendar, honey-do list, infographics, tutorials, and more in a few hours, then sell them 24/7/365. Just like selling your photos, this creative side hustle lets you exercise your artistic abilities while pulling in some extra income. Income potential: $.25 - $25/ download.

6. Offer Workshops

Sharing your expertise with others can be both extremely satisfying and a unique side hustle. What special talent do you have? Can you throw a curveball? Make a great duck a l'orange? Create a cool succulent-topped pumpkin? If you can teach your cool abilities to others in a friendly fashion, you can offer workshops! Advertise for free through Facebook or NextDoor for local workshops conducted in person. Or, cast a wider net and offer workshops online. Income potential: $8 - $45/person.

7. Narrate Audio Books

If you love reading and can read aloud well, the publishing world wants to use your voice! Audiobooks continue to grow in popularity and they don’t all want celebrity voices. Consider narrating audiobooks if you can soundproof a pantry or closet in your home. Regular vocal exercises and some sound equipment can set you up for this creative side hustle. Income potential: $90 - $200/ hour.

8. Become a Local Tour Guide

Depending upon where you live, setting yourself up as a local tour guide can be a unique side hustle with social benefits. Get educated on your community's history and special attractions, with particular attention to tourists and visitors. Connect with the local tourism board or Chamber of Commerce to coordinate the tours you offer to benefit your customers and local businesses. Income potential: $50/ hour.

9. Upcycle Items

Can you see possibilities where others see junk? Then you could make a satisfying side hustle from upcycling. Whether you plant succulents in baby shoes or make bespoke shelving from old surfboards, upcycling takes items destined for the landfill and turns them into boutique merchandise people love. Start by cleaning your attic to see what you have to work with, then broaden your horizons. Income potential: highly varied.

Exercise your creative muscles and consider these unique side hustles to help recalibrate your work-life balance. And consider checking your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance with one of our friendly agents to ensure your home and belongings are well protected.

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