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5 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Home


5 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Home

New Year’s resolution surveys show a consistent theme. On average, 59 percent of resolution makers set goals related to health, 53 percent resolve to work on finances, and 10 percent focus on self-improvement. Very few New Year’s resolution ideas consider the need for consistent home improvement, yet most homeowners and renters will most likely need to invest in their home throughout the year.

That’s why we recommend considering the needs of your house when you’re considering resolution ideas. If you’re spending the New Year at home, take the time to consider the following five resolutions you could commit to. By doing so, you’ll be investing in your health, comfort, and safety.


1. Make Energy Efficiency a Priority

As we head into the new year, it’s clear that climate change is no longer a future concern. It’s something that’s already wreaking havoc across the globe in the form of extreme weather patterns.

There is something you can do to make a difference, though. You can make a New Year’s resolution to make energy efficiency a priority in the coming year. Simple acts like turning off your lights or conserving water can go a long way for the planet.

Here are some other easy ways to save energy and money:

  • Swap out all your lightbulbs with long-lasting LEDs.
  • Install solar roof panels. Some municipal power companies will give you a rebate and even buy back energy from you.
  • Convert your grassy lawn to drought-resistant plants.
  • Exchange your old showerhead and toilets for low-flow systems

Every action builds on itself and encourages homeowners to come up with even more ways to be eco-conscious. So, start small and continue to grow with your green goals as you invest in a more sustainable future for your household and the planet.


2. Commit to a Cleaning Schedule

Since we spent a lot more time in our homes over the past two years, it’s no surprise there’s more clutter. Despite that, the threat of germs and viruses has likely had you cleaning more often, too. Consider re-committing to a cleaning schedule as the New Year gets underway.

Your New Year’s resolution clean house goals should include weekly cleaning of your bathroom, kitchen, and living areas. Other rooms may only need attention every other week or monthly. Consider how often you’ll need to do large tasks, such as steam cleaning the carpets or wiping down the walls.


3. Update Your Insurance Policies

Nothing makes embarking on a New Year better than feeling confident in your safety and security. To ensure that you get to enjoy that mindset all year long, consider making a resolution to update your insurance policies. The start of the year is a great time to review your homeowners policy and make any adjustments to your coverage if your situation or needs have changed. For example, if you’ve done any renovations or made any improvements over the past year, you may need more coverage.

Does your current insurance company provide 24/7 claim service? Does your plan still meet your growing household’s needs? Wawanesa offers reliable, affordable homeowners insurance coupled with superior customer service. If you’re not yet a customer, get a quote then consider making a switch. You deserve to feel safe, secure, and protected as you enjoy your New Year at home. If you’re renting and don’t yet have renters insurance, now’s the time. You may be surprised at how little it can cost to protect all your belongings. Get a quick quote today for same day coverage.


4. Maintain Investments in Your Home

During the global pandemic, we sheltered in place as state governments around the nation issued stay-at-home orders. Even once those initial emergency orders expired, most Americans were still encouraged to stay at home as much as possible to slow the spread of COVID-19. As a result, many of us found ourselves with more disposable income. This extra cash coupled with more time spent in our humble abodes gave rise to a huge jump in home-improvement spending.

In 2020 alone, the average household spent around $8,305 on home improvements! If you invested in your home over the past few years, then it’s important to make New Year’s resolutions for your home that help maintain those improvements. Otherwise, all that hard work and money spent will be for nothing.

To get started on this resolution, first identify what will need maintenance and what that maintenance will involve. For instance, do you need to inspect your A/C unit or furnace each season? How often should you check your smoke detectors? Whatever your maintenance needs are, be sure to incorporate them into your schedule. By doing so, you’ll maximize your investment in your home and make it well worth the money you spent.


5. Pay Attention to Outdoors

Many homeowners focus more on the interior of their places, which isn’t surprising considering that’s where we spend most of our time. However, the outside of your property needs love and attention as well. It’s tempting to forget about your yard, especially in winter, but maintenance is needed there too to avoid any potential risks. Make a point to check any big trees regularly to keep them in good health.

If branches need trimmed or more in-depth cutting’s needed, call in an arborist. That way you can avoid the danger of tree limbs crashing onto your house. Make sure bushes and foliage are trimmed back before wildfire season begins. Make it a priority to maintain your yard and the outside of your property this year. Keep your lawn tidy, put away patio furniture when not using, and make sure your roof and gutters are intact.


The Best New Year’s Resolution Ideas for Your Home

The most common New Year’s resolution ideas are typically adopted to help us improve our personal lives. Eating better, going to the gym, reading more, texting less. These are all worthy goals but consider adding a few resolutions to improve your home. As made apparent throughout the pandemic, our places provide a lot of value to us. Our homes give us safety, security, peace of mind, and support our health and well-being, too.

Do yourself and your family a favor by investing in your home this year. Consider the five resolutions above, commit to one (or all), and bask in the glow of a safe, clean, comfortable home where you can prepare all those healthy, delicious meals. (What could be better after that challenging workout?) This next New Year at home will be the best one yet!

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