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Homeowners Insurance FAQs

Find answers on common homeowners insurance questions

Home Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

Homeowners Insurance Basics

What is homeowners insurance?
Homeowners insurance covers loss or damage to your home and your belongings. Home insurance also protects your personal liability if someone sues you, pays living expenses if you have to temporarily move out due to the home being uninhabitable, and pays for medical expenses if a guest is hurt in your home or property.
How much does homeowners insurance cost?
No two homes are alike, and many factors go into determining the cost of homeowners insurance. The cost will depend on things like the type of home, its size, location, and the value of your personal belongings. The best way to find out how much your policy will cost is to start your quote online. Or call and speak with one of our helpful agents at 800-640-2920.
I recently obtained Wawanesa homeowners insurance coverage. Someone came and inspected the outside of my house and property. Is this normal?
Yes, Wawanesa like many other insurance companies, inspect every home we insure. This allows us to assist you in determining and maintaining the coverage amount necessary to rebuild your dwelling in the event of a claim.
Is homeowners insurance tax deductible?
Generally, homeowners insurance and related premiums are not tax-deductible, even though your premium may be included in your mortgage payments. Wawanesa recommends you speak with your tax consultant to discuss tax-related issues.

Homeowners Insurance Coverage

What does homeowners insurance cover?

A homeowners insurance policy covers the structure of your home if it’s damaged or destroyed by fire or other covered event, protects your belongings against damage, theft, or loss, protects your personal liability, and provides living expenses if you have to temporarily move out.

Learn more about homeowners insurance coverages.

Which area of my property is not protected by most homeowners insurance?
Homeowners insurance generally covers your home and other structures on the premises, for example, a shed, fence or garage. If you have questions about areas of your property that may not be covered, please call 800-640-2920 and a helpful Wawanesa agent will be happy to walk you through the coverages and potential exclusions.
Does homeowners insurance cover mold?
Homeowners insurance generally covers mold that is hidden within the walls, ceilings, beneath the floors, or above the ceilings of a structure if loss resulted from the accidental discharge or overflow of water or steam. Home insurance does not cover mold damage that forms overtime due to high humidity, leaky plumbing, flooding, or damage that arises due to maintenance problems or neglect. Remember to always refer to your home insurance policy for specific coverage and exclusions details.
Does homeowners insurance cover water damage?
Water damage is covered in certain situations. For example, if your water heater breaks and floods the basement, your insurance would cover the damages incurred in the water-logged basement. However, it’s worth noting that the broken water heater would not be covered.
Does homeowners insurance cover plumbing?
Homeowners insurance typically covers damages caused by broken plumbing, but not the actual plumbing. For example, the hose on your washing machine ruptures flooding the laundry room and ruining the flooring. Your homeowners insurance would typically cover the damages caused to the flooring and not the broken hose.
How do I obtain a homeowner insurance policy?
Best way to obtain a homeowner insurance policy is to start your quote online or call one of our helpful agents at 800-640-2920.
Is there a fee to cancel my homeowners insurance policy?
A $50 cancellation fee will apply on any new homeowners insurance policy that is cancelled within 60 days of the initial effective date.

Homeowners Insurance Discounts

What policy discounts are available on my Wawanesa homeowners insurance policy?
We offer several discounts that can help you save on your homeowners insurance premium. Including multi-product discount, non-smokers discount, claims free discount, and several others. See all the homeowners insurance discounts offered.
How do I ask for homeowners insurance discounts?
It’s easy, call 800-640-2920 and speak with one of our helpful agents who can help you get all the homeowners insurance discounts you’re eligible for.

Homeowners Insurance Claims

Homeowners Insurance Payments

Where do I mail my homeowners insurance payment for my existing policy?

Please mail your check, payable to:

Wawanesa General Insurance Company
P.O. Box 85048
San Diego, CA

Or log in to your online account, 24/7 to make a payment.

Can I designate an additional person to receive notice of cancellation for nonpayment for my home insurance?

Yes, you may designate one additional person to receive notice of cancellation of your home insurance policy for nonpayment of premium. This designated person will receive notice at least 10 days prior to the effective date of any cancellation of your policy for nonpayment of premium. You may designate, change, or delete this person at any time. Please note that this person will not have any rights under the policy except for the right to receive notice of lapse, termination, expiration, non-renewal, or cancellation of your policy for nonpayment of premium.

To add, change, or delete an additional person to receive notice of cancellation for nonpayment, log in to your online account or contact us at 800-640-2920 with the following information:

  1. Your policy number
  2. Your full name
  3. The full name of the additional person you wish to designate
  4. The complete mailing address of the additional person you wish to designate
  5. Whether or not you authorize Wawanesa to discuss your policy's billing information with this designated additional person
My homeowners insurance policy was canceled for non-payment. If I send a payment will my coverage be reinstated?

A policy canceled for non-payment of premium at renewal or mid-term will be reinstated without a lapse in coverage provided:

  1. The provided payment of the past due amount in full is received within 30 days past the payment due date.
  2. The payment is the full amount that is past due.

A policy canceled for non-payment of premium at renewal or mid-term that does not meet the above requirements for reinstatement may be considered for rewriting of a policy subject to new policy terms and conditions.


Please note that this website provides only a summary of homeowners insurance to generally illustrate how homeowners insurance works. Your insurance policy is the legal contract containing the terms and limitations of your coverage. Any coverage provided by a Wawanesa General Insurance Company policy is subject to the terms, conditions, exclusions and endorsements of your insurance policy.

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