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California Homeowners Insurance

Customize your homeowners insurance coverage to fit your needs

Home Insurance in California

While California deserves all the accolades it gets — for its diverse beauty, kind weather, rugged coastline, and more — this iconic state and its residents also have their share of potential trauma to deal with. Californians need to be prepared for all sorts of weather-related events — heavy rainfall, mudslides, snow, drought, and wildfires — and of course, the ever-present threat of earthquakes. If you’re a homeowner in California, you know that a reliable home insurance policy is a must. Wawanesa offers affordable, customizable coverage with superior protection for your home and personal property.

Homeowners Insurance Coverage in California

Buying a home is probably the biggest investment most people will make, and every California homeowner needs insurance to protect their investment. (In fact, if you have a mortgage, your lender will require that your home is insured.)

A homeowners insurance policy protects you in many ways. It protects the structure of your home if it’s damaged or destroyed by fire or other covered event and protects your belongings against damage or theft. Your policy also pays for living expenses if you have to temporarily move out, protects your liability if you get sued, and pays for medical expenses if a guest gets hurt in your home.

Wawanesa offers a comprehensive homeowners insurance policy which includes:

Dwelling Protection Coverage

This is a mandatory coverage that pays to repair or rebuild the physical structure of your home if it’s damaged or destroyed by a covered event.

Other Structures Coverage

Pays to repair or replace detached structures on your property, for example, a shed, garage, or fence if it gets damaged or destroyed in a fire or another covered incident.

Personal Property Coverage

Insures your belongings, such as, furniture, sporting goods, clothing, and electronics if they’re damaged or destroyed as the result of a covered loss. Your personal possessions are covered whether they’ve been damaged at home or anywhere in the world. Also, you have the option to increase coverage on certain items of value.

Loss of Use Coverage

This coverage pays for living expenses, including accommodation, meals, and other necessary expenses, if you need to move out of your home temporarily due to it being uninhabitable as the result of a covered incident.

Personal Liability Coverage

Pays for claims of bodily injury or property damage sustained by others on or in your property that you or members of your household are legally responsible for.

Medical Payments to Others Coverage

Pays for minor medical claims if a guest is injured on or in your property. In California, this coverage also includes workers compensation for occasional employees who work in your home less than ten hours a week, for example, babysitters, housekeepers, and gardeners.

Other Basic Coverages

This coverage pays costs incurred to prevent further damage after a covered incident, such as a fire. For example, fire department service charges or the removal of debris.

Optional Coverages

While our homeowners insurance policy provides enough coverage for most homeowners; sometimes additional optional coverages are needed for certain higher value items. We offer additional coverage increase limits for jewelry, watches, furs, and more. Limited earthquake coverage is also available.

Special Increased Limits Coverage

Additional coverage is available to meet your individual needs. You can increase the basic coverage limits on the following items:

  • Other Structures on the Premises — increase coverage from the included basic limit of 10% of dwelling coverage.
  • Personal Property Protection — increase coverage from the included basic limit of 70% of dwelling coverage.
  • Loss of Use — increase coverage from the included basic limit of 20% of dwelling coverage.
  • Personal Liability — increase coverage from the included basic limit of $100,000.
  • Medical Payments to Others — increase coverage from the included basic limit of $1,000 per person.

Limited Earthquake Coverage

A basic policy does not automatically provide coverage against earthquake damage. Limited coverage, is offered on every homeowners policy which includes:

  • Dwelling coverage is limited to the amount of coverage provided
  • Personal Property coverage is limited to $5,000
  • Additional Living Expenses are provided up to $1,500 while remains uninhabitable due to damage caused by an Earthquake

Please note: Extended replacement cost on dwelling and replacement cost on contents does not apply, and this optional coverage is subject to a deductible equal to 15% of the coverage limit on your dwelling.

Scheduled Personal Property Coverage

Specific items, in the following categories, can be scheduled on an individual basis and insured to their current appraised value:

  • Jewelry
  • Furs
  • Cameras and Photographic Equipment
  • Musical Instruments
  • Silverware
  • Fine Arts (without breakage coverage)
  • Fine Arts (with breakage coverage)
  • Golfer's Equipment
  • Sports Equipment—Including Bicycles
  • Firearms and Fishing Equipment
  • Stamps
  • Coins
  • Miscellaneous
  • Hearing Aids

Credit Card, Fund Transfer Card, Forgery & Counterfeit Money Coverage

The basic policy limit of $500 coverage for losses created by your legal obligation to pay because of theft or unauthorized use of credit or fund transfer cards, check forgery, or the good faith acceptance of counterfeit money can be increased up to $10,000.

Increased Limits

Additional coverage is available, subject to individual item and aggregate limits, to increase the basic coverage limits offered in your policy on a blanket basis for:

  • Money
  • Securities
  • Extended Jewelry, Watches, and Furs
  • Silverware, Goldware, Pewterware, and Platinumware
  • Firearms and Related Equipment
  • Portable Electronic Equipment in or upon a Motor Vehicle
  • Other Structures
  • Business Property

Special Limits Enhancement Coverage

For qualifying homeowners, this endorsement can be added to increase various limits under Property Coverages, Personal Property, Special Limits of Liability, and Additional Coverages.

Below are Additional Coverage Limits

Coverage Base limit on policy Increased limit
Coverage: Money, banknotes, etc. Base limit on policy: $200 Increased limit: $1,000
Coverage: Securities, Accounts, deeds etc. Base limit on policy: $1,500 Increased limit: $5,000
Coverage: Watercraft and Equipment Base limit on policy: $1,500 Increased limit: $5,000
Coverage: Trailers not used with watercraft Base limit on policy: $1,500 Increased limit: $2,500
Coverage: Loss by theft of jewelry, furs etc. Base limit on policy: $1,500 Increased limit: $6,000
Coverage: Loss by theft of firearms Base limit on policy: $2,500 Increased limit: $5,000
Coverage: Loss by theft of silverware, etc. Base limit on policy: $2,500 Increased limit: $5,000
Coverage: Business Property on premises Base limit on policy: $2,500 Increased limit: $5,000
Coverage: Lock Replacement Base limit on policy: $250 Increased limit: $750
Coverage: Refrigerated Products Base limit on policy: $500 Increased limit: $1,000
Coverage: Credit Card Base limit on policy: $500 Increased limit: $2,500
Coverage: Extended Dwelling Replacement Cost Base limit on policy: 125% of Coverage for Dwelling Limit Increased limit: 150% of Coverage for Dwelling Limit

Identity Fraud Expense and Home Cyber Protection Coverage

Provides coverage for direct loss, damage, or expenses related to a cyberattack, cyber extortion, online fraud, and if your identify is stolen. This coverage has an annual limit of $25,000 and carries a deductible of $500.

Let us help you customize your homeowners insurance coverage by starting your quote online or giving us a call at 800-640-2920.

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On top of affordable rates on California homeowners insurance, Wawanesa covers all the bases with customizable coverages, award-winning customer service,[1] and 24/7 claim filing and handling. Wawanesa also delivers on discounts for California homeowners, so find out which ones may apply to you.

California Home Insurance Discounts

Wawanesa offers several money-savings homeowners insurance discounts. Find out if you qualify for California discounts like multi-policy, non-smokers, sprinkler system, burglar alarm, and others!

Homeowners Insurance Discounts

Why get homeowners insurance in California?

While California residents can enjoy the good life, there’s always the possibility of adversity — whether it’s the danger of an out-of-control wildfire or something on the domestic front like a burst pipe. It goes without saying that homeowners insurance is a smart idea for all homeowners.

Below are some events that can be covered by a California homeowners policy:

Fire Damage

Helps pay if your home is damaged by a house fire or a wildfire.

Smoke Damage

Pays for fire-related smoke damage.

Earthquake Damage

An optional coverage that’s limited to $5,000 of protection with a special deductible.

Vandalism or Malicious Mischief Damage

Protects against someone intentionally damaging your property.


Pays if your home is burgled or your belongings are stolen — either inside your home or anywhere in the world.

Weight of Ice / Snow Damage

If your house is located in a mountainous area and is damaged by the weight of ice or snow.

Riots or Civil Commotion Damage

Protects your home in the event of it being damaged in a riot, say a protester throws a rock through your windows.

Damage Caused by Vehicles

Provides coverage for the structure of your home if a vehicle were to crash into it. Your auto insurance would cover the damaged car.

Water Damage

Covers damage caused by accidental discharge or overflow of water or steam within plumbing, heating, air, automatic sprinklers, or from a household appliance. Does not cover the system or appliance that caused the overflow or flood water from storm, tsunami, or tidal waves.

California Home Insurance Rate Factors

There are many factors that make up your California home insurance rate. Below, you’ll find some of the most common, but give us a call at 800-640-2920 to get help choosing the right coverage. That way, you can rest assured you’re getting adequate protection at the best price.

Factors that make up your home insurance cost can include:

  • Location and age of home
  • Style of home (whether it’s single story, 2 stories, split-level, etc.)
  • Construction type (frame/stucco or masonry/brick)
  • Size of home including the number of bathrooms
  • The cost to repair or replace the home
  • Type of heating inside the home (for example, electric, gas, combo of gas and electric)
  • Amenities such as presence of a swimming pool
  • And additional rating factors not listed above

California Homeowners Insurance FAQ

Is homeowners insurance required in California?
Homeowners insurance is not required by law if the home is paid off. However, mortgage companies require that you carry insurance to protect the home and their investment in it. As a homeowner, you want to protect your home and personal belongings from fire, theft, and other events.
What is the average homeowners insurance cost in California?
Many factors go into determining the cost of homeowners insurance in California including the location, the type and size of home, to name a few. The best way to find out what your premium would be is to start your quote online or call us at 800-640-2920.
What is covered by homeowners insurance in California?
A Wawanesa homeowners policy in California covers loss or damage to your home and your belongings or assets within it. Home insurance also protects your personal liability and helps pay for medical expenses for visitors injured on your property. Homeowners insurance will also help financially if you have to temporarily move out as the result of a covered loss. Additionally, if you have occasional people working in your home, and they get injured, Workers' Compensation Benefits as required for an insured by the California Worker’s Compensation Law, as well as Employers' Liability Benefits are included in your policy.

Have more questions on homeowners insurance? Visit our FAQs page to find answers on common questions relating to coverage, making a claim, and more.

Homeowners Insurance FAQs


  1. Wawanesa Insurance received the highest score in California in the J.D. Power 2023, 2022, 2021, and 2020 U.S. Auto Insurance study of customers’ satisfaction with their auto insurance provider. Visit

Please note that this website provides only a summary of homeowners insurance to generally illustrate how homeowners insurance works. Your insurance policy is the legal contract containing the terms and limitations of your coverage. Any coverage provided by a Wawanesa General Insurance Company policy is subject to the terms, conditions, exclusions and endorsements of your insurance policy.

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