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Auto Insurance Coverages

From windshield damage to accidents, Wawanesa offers affordable car insurance coverage to help protect you.

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What is Car Insurance?

Car insurance is a contract between you and the insurance company, in exchange for a premium typically paid on a six-month basis. You get financial protection against property damage or bodily injury in the event of an accident or other covered loss.

Auto insurance coverage is mandatory in most states, with specific laws varying by state. Certain coverages are state-mandated; however, coverages are priced individually to allow you to customize the various options to fit your specific needs and budget.

Auto Insurance Coverage Types

Bodily Injury Liability

Helps pay, the cost of injury to or death of another person when you’re at fault. It also provides for your legal defense against any bodily injury claims or lawsuits, if necessary.

Property Damage Liability

Helps pay, the cost of damage to another person’s property such as someone else’s vehicle, home, building, or fence when you’re at fault. It also provides for your legal defense against property damage claims or lawsuits, if necessary.


Helps to repair or replace your car if it collides with another vehicle or object, regardless of who is at fault.


Helps to repair or replace your car if damaged by something besides a collision, including theft, fire, vandalism, storms, contact with animals, and more.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Property Damage

Helps pay for damages to your car if the other driver is at fault and does not have any property damage insurance.

Personal Injury Protection

Helps pay your, your resident relatives’, and your passengers’ injuries expenses related to injuries, regardless of who’s at fault.

Auto Medical Payments

Helps pay for medical bills and related expenses for you and each person injured in your vehicle. Medical payments coverage also protects you and your family if injured by a car while walking or, bike riding.

Coverages vary from state to state. Visit your state's coverages page for more details.

Affordable Auto Insurance Coverage by Wawanesa

Nobody wants to think they’re overpaying on auto insurance. Is it possible to find reliable coverage that’s also affordable? Short answer: Yes — when you choose Wawanesa car insurance. Trusted by drivers for over 120 years, Wawanesa stands for affordability, reliability, and award-winning customer service.[1]

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Auto Insurance Discounts

On top of already low rates, Wawanesa delivers on the discounts too. Learn how you can save even more by exploring what’s available. Wawanesa auto insurance discounts — designed to save you even more.

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Roadside Assistance Coverage

Getting stranded by the side of the road with a disabled vehicle can put a real dent in your day. Dead batteries, empty gas tanks, flat tires, and the rest have happened to most drivers. Get Roadside Assistance coverage and get peace of mind when you’re on the road.

Learn About Roadside Assistance Coverage

Auto Insurance Options

It’s always good to have options in life, especially auto coverage options. Regardless of your budget or the type of car you drive, it’s important to make sure you have enough insurance to cover you, your property, and any other assets. Some coverages are mandatory — state law dictates that drivers must carry them. These coverages, while optional, should be considered to give you the utmost protection.


Collision insurance covers your vehicle if:

  • You’re in a single-car accident
  • You’re in an accident with another vehicle
  • You collide with an object like a tree or streetlight
  • You roll your car accidentally

Comprehensive Coverage

Pays if your car is stolen or damaged by something besides a collision, such as weather, fire, vandalism, falling objects, or contact with animals.

Roadside Assistance

Helps pay for common roadside services if your car is disabled, leaving you stranded by the side of the road.

Covering roadside services such as:

  • Emergency towing
  • Flat tire change
  • Battery jump start
  • Fuel delivery
  • Winching service
  • Vehicle lockout/locksmith services

Rental Car Expense

Helps pay for rental car fees while your vehicle is being repaired or replaced because of a covered claim. You’ll need to carry comprehensive or collision coverage to add this endorsement.

Special Vehicle Equipment Coverage

Pays additional costs for loss or damage to special vehicle equipment where the cause of damage to your vehicle is covered under either your comprehensive or collision coverage. This includes custom furnishings or equipment permanently attached to the vehicle that were not installed by the original vehicle manufacture, such as special carpeting and furnishings, electronic equipment, specialized tires and wheels, engine accessories, anti-theft equipment, and custom paint.

Understand Your Car Insurance Coverage

The auto insurance policy consists of a variety of coverages that provide protection in different situations. The coverages have different limits and may have an associated deductible. The following are insurance terms commonly used in auto insurance.


The protections and benefits provided to you by the insurance policy, subject to limitations and exclusions.

Declaration Page

The declarations page of your policy summarizes the important details of your policy contract. It highlights your premium, coverages, limits, deductibles, discounts, insured vehicles, driver’s insured on the policy, and more. It’s important to check the details on this page to ensure everything is correct because any errors could affect you if you ever need to file a claim.


The amount of the loss that the policyholder is responsible to pay up-front before covered benefits from the insurance company are paid out. This is applicable to comprehensive or collision coverage only.

Effective Date

The date your auto policy starts, and your coverage is active. If an accident happens before this date, it will not be covered by the policy.


A contractual provision in an insurance policy that denies or restricts coverage for certain events, persons, property, or locations.


The maximum amount of financial protection available for a specific coverage, subject to limitations.

Motor Insurance

Whether you prefer to call it “car,” “auto”, or “motor insurance,” Wawanesa auto coverage gives you reliable insurance for an affordable premium.


An insurance policy is a contract between you and your insurance company. In exchange for your payment of your premium, your insurance company agrees to pay covered costs associated with an auto accident or other covered loss, subject to the policy terms.


The amount charged by the insurance company to the policyholder for the insurance policy.

Primary Use

How you most commonly use your vehicle. Typically, the choices are commuting to work or school, business, or pleasure use.

Find Your States Auto Insurance

Shopping for auto insurance is easy when you choose Wawanesa. You’ll find coverages to fit your needs and discounts to fit your budget. Find out just how affordable reliable insurance can be. Get a quote for your state today.

Auto Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

How much car insurance do I need?
It depends. You’ll need to buy enough coverage to protect all your assets. Typically, minimum coverage levels won’t provide enough financial protection if you cause a serious accident involving injuries and/or property damage. If you own a home and other assets, you’ll want to make sure you have additional coverage to avoid being wiped out financially. If you’re not sure how much coverage is enough, speak with a helpful Wawanesa agent who can advise you at 800-640-2920.
Why should I buy my auto insurance from Wawanesa?
Every day, we strive to exceed our member’s expectations and support them when they need it most. We have many long-term members and are grateful for their loyalty. We’re very proud that J.D. Power ranked us #1 in customer satisfaction among auto insurers in California for 2023, 2022, 2021, and 2020.
How can I find my local car insurance?

An easy and convenient way to shop for car insurance is to do it online. Before you get a quote:

  1. Gather the items you’ll need like your driver’s license number and your car’s VIN.
  2. Research your state’s minimum coverage requirements.
  3. Decide your deductible level (amount you would pay before Wawanesa steps in to cover the rest).
  4. Choose any optional coverages available in your state to bolster your protection.
  5. Buy your policy
Does auto insurance vary state to state?
Yes. Each state has different laws around auto insurance, which means that premiums differ greatly as well. With the exception of a few states that don’t make insurance mandatory, most states require drivers to carry at least the minimum in coverage.
When do I need car insurance?
If you plan to drive a vehicle you own, you’ll need car insurance. If you’re buying a new car, you’ll need insurance before you can drive the car off the lot —especially if the car is being leased or if you took out an auto loan to pay for it.
How fast can I get auto insurance coverage?
With Wawanesa, you can get auto insurance coverage right away. First, gather the information you’ll need like your driver’s license number and Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). Then get an online quote or call one of our helpful agents at 800-640-2920 and give them some basic personal information and you could be insured today.
How is car insurance calculated?
Many factors go into calculating your car insurance rates. Your location, age, driving record, and the type of car you’re insuring are just a few of the factors involved.
What does auto insurance cover?
At its most basic, auto insurance covers you against financial loss in the event of a car accident or theft. Depending on the coverages state law mandates you carry, and the optional coverages you choose, you are protecting yourself, your passengers, other drivers and their passengers, your car and other vehicles, and others’ property.

Have more questions on auto insurance? Visit our FAQs page to find answers on common questions relating to coverage, making a claim, and more.

Auto Insurance FAQs


  1. Wawanesa Insurance received the highest score in California in the J.D. Power 2023, 2022, 2021, and 2020 U.S. Auto Insurance study of customers’ satisfaction with their auto insurance provider. Visit

Please note that this website provides only a summary of auto insurance to generally illustrate how auto insurance works. Your insurance policy is the legal contract containing the terms and limitations of your coverage. Any coverage provided by a Wawanesa General Insurance Company policy is subject to the terms, conditions, exclusions and endorsements of your insurance policy.