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For your convenience, Wawanesa offers flexible payment options designed with your needs in mind. Find out more about our payment plans and options.

You can pay your premium easily by logging into or setting up your online account.
Or you can mail a check, payable to:

Wawanesa General Insurance Company
P.O. Box 85048
San Diego, CA
You can avoid a lapse in coverage if you pay in full within 25 days of the payment due date. If you make a payment after 25 days, your policy will be subject to new terms and conditions.
Yes. There’s a $50 cancellation fee if you cancel within 60 days of your policy’s start date.

Roadside Assistance

Yes, Roadside Assistance is an optional coverage you can add to your policy for extra peace of mind. Find out more about Roadside Assistance and the benefits of our Sign and Drive option.

Policies and Coverage

Wawanesa offers several discounts that could save you money on your policy. To find out more, please check out our auto insurance discounts.
No, your Wawanesa policy does not cover you if you drive in Mexico. Please note that Mexican law requires you to buy an auto tourist policy to legally drive in the country.

Not necessarily. It depends on multiple factors, including the amount of damages incurred and if there were any injuries involved.

If you’re found to be responsible and there’s more than $1000 in resulting damages, or someone was injured, your premium may increase at renewal.

A surcharge for an at-fault accident and/or a traffic conviction remains on your policy for 3 years, starting from the first renewal after the accident and/or conviction date.
No, your premium will not increase due to any Comprehensive coverage-related claims.

If you rent a private passenger car, light van or pick-up, in Canada, the U.S. or its possessions or territories, you are covered by your Wawanesa Auto Policy.

  • If you carry Rental Expense coverage and need to rent a vehicle because your covered auto is either disabled or being serviced as a result of a covered claim, your policy will cover the rental vehicle.
  • If you rent a vehicle for any reason other than disablement or servicing, it will have the broadest coverage we currently provide for any vehicle shown on your policy declaration page.

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