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New Home Rituals from Around the World


New Home Rituals from Around the World

The process of buying a house comes with ups and downs. You’ll feel excited when you find the perfect place to call home. On the other hand, trying to figure out how to secure financing and when you're supposed to buy homeowners insurance can be stressful. After finally figuring out all of the details and getting the keys to your new home, you’re probably looking forward to getting moved in and unpacked.

You likely have your own rituals or habits when moving to a new place. Perhaps you don’t plug in televisions or WIFI until everything else is unplugged. Cultures around the world also offer a variety of new home rituals to get you off to a lucky start in your new house. Check out some of these traditions and see which ones might be worth adopting for your new move.


Leave Your Old Broom Behind

Many cultures around the world practice the tradition of throwing out old brooms and purchasing a new one for a new home. Getting rid of your old broom means you’re not bringing dirt from your old place into your new home.

Symbolically, throwing out the old broom and dust shows that you are removing the negative aspects of your life at your previous home so they do not follow you to your new home. A new broom symbolizes a fresh, clean start to life in your new house. You should bring your new broom into the house the very first time you enter. This tradition can also be helpful in a practical sense. A new, clean broom will likely keep your new home spotless for longer than the old dusty broom.


Enter and Exit Through the Same Door

Much like remembering your new broom, be sure to note which door you use the first time you enter the house. You’ll want to make sure to exit the house through the same door to ensure you have good luck. According to the Irish tradition, entering through one door and leaving through a different one brings bad luck. After your first time in the house, however, feel free to enter and exit through whatever doors you like.


Choose a Lucky Moving Day

The act of moving all of your belongings from one place to another is overwhelming alone, but it becomes much worse if you encounter bad luck on the day of the move. Moving on a rainy or dreary day, for example, is considered bad luck. Be sure to check the weather forecast prior to your move to check for signs of rain. Bad luck aside, moving in the rain requires you to expose all of your belongings to the elements.

If you want help from the universe in picking a moving day, consider consulting a calendar or almanac to decide what day is the best for your move. Both Hindu and Chinese cultures have calendars that use a combination of zodiac signs, numerology and the stages of the moon to determine the best date for moving.


Light a Candle on the First Night

Fill your home with warmth and prosperity by lighting a candle the first night you spend there. Attributed to cultures around the world, lighting a candle or starting a fire in the fireplace on the first night in a new home is one of the oldest housewarming traditions. The light from the candle is said to bless the new occupants of the home by casting away darkness and warding off evil spirits.

If you have a home with a fireplace you may also want to light a fire on your first night. Traditionally a European ritual, burning a fire in the fireplace brings warmth to the new home. Similar to a candle, a roaring fire also symbolically and literally casts darkness out of the home. Whether you’re burning a candle or a fire in the fireplace, however, be sure to take safety precautions so your fire doesn’t get out of control.


Burn Sage

Derived from Native American culture, burning or smudging sage is used to clear away negative energy and protect a home from evil spirits. The smoke from the sage should be wafted into the corners of your home, including closets, to drive out unwanted negativity. White sage is the traditional plant for burning sage and can be wrapped with other fragrant plants, such as lavender, when completing the burning ritual.

To burn sage in your home you will need to gather a bundle of sage and whatever other fragrant herbs you wish to burn. Wrap the bundle in cloth and secure it with thread. Then place the bundle in a fire-resistant bowl. Light the end of the sage bundle and let it smolder for a few minutes. Blow out any flames and then carefully take the bundle around your home, directing the smoke throughout your house, focusing on the corners.


Give the Gift of Bread and Salt

Most commonly referred to as a Russian tradition, the gift of bread and salt to new homeowners shows hospitality. Many people believe bread and salt should be the first items you bring into your new home. The bread is offered to new homeowners so that the occupants never go hungry, symbolizing the many meals to come. The salt is given so that the homeowners always have a life full of flavor.


Host a Housewarming Dinner

Around the world, new homeowners traditionally offer a meal to their friends and family to show hospitality and bring joy into their new home. Consider throwing a housewarming party at your new home to show your appreciation for everything your family and friends have done for you. Not only will this ritual fill the stomachs of your guests, it will also fill your new home with happiness and laughter.


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