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Grilling Safety 101: 10 Tips to Grill Safely During the Summer


Grilling Safety 101: 10 Tips to Grill Safely During the Summer

As pleasant summer weather ramps up, you might be ready to head outside and fire up your grill. Before you do, make sure you’re following proper summer grilling safety guidelines. According to the National Fire Protection Association, over 19,000 people on average are injured in a grilling accident each year.

We put together a list of the 10 most important grilling safety tips so you can enjoy your grill safely this summer. Follow these outdoor grilling safety tips the next time you break out the grill.


1. Clean Your Grill

The first rule of BBQ safety is to keep your grill clean. As you cook, grease and other particles from your food drip down, coating your grill in flammable materials. If left to accumulate, these materials can quickly turn into a fire hazard. Make a habit of cleaning your grill before you start it to cut down on grease buildup.


2. Cook Away from Other Objects

An active grill gives off a lot of heat. This heat can melt siding and patio furniture. It can also cause a fire. Help reduce the chance of catching your home, deck, or other structures or objects on fire by keeping your grill at least 10 feet away from your home and other objects.


3. Place Your Grill on Stable Ground

One of the most important summer BBQ safety tips is to find a stable, level place to set your grill. A grill on uneven ground could potentially tip over, which could lead to injuries or fires. Consider adding a grill pad or stand under your grill to help stabilize the base and catch grease or food particles that get out of the grill.


4. Check for Gas Leaks

Those with a propane grill should check the hoses for leaks at the start of each backyard BBQ season. You can easily check the hose for leaks on your own with a simple solution of dish soap and water. Rub the solution on the outside of the hose and open the valve on your propane tank. If you start to see bubbles along the hose, you probably have a leak.


5. Have a Fire Extinguisher on Hand

Fires can happen at any moment with a hot grill, even if you’re being careful. Keep a fire extinguisher near your grill and be ready to use it if a flare-up turns into a major fire. Check that the fire extinguisher has not expired and you know how to use it.


6. Stay by the Grill

Don’t leave your grill unattended. Fires and flare-ups can happen quickly, and leaving even just for a moment could be the difference between putting out a small flame and dealing with a major incident.


7. Keep Children and Pets Away

Both pets and young children could become overexcited around the grill without being aware of the danger. Designate a responsible adult or older kid to watch young children and pets while the grill is running.


8. Know How to Safely Start Your Grill

Be sure you understand how to safely and properly light your grill. The right way to start your grill will depend on the type of grill you have. Gas grills, for example, generally require a more precise starting procedure to avoid an accident.

  • Propane Grills: If you have a gas grill, always make sure the lid is open when you light it. Leaving the lid closed lets propane build up under the lid. When you open the lid after igniting, the rush of oxygen can cause combustion of the built-up gas. This turns into a fireball that could cause serious burns as it sweeps over your upper body.
  • Charcoal Grills: Use a charcoal chimney to help safely start your charcoal grill. A chimney makes it easier to light your grill by starting with a small, manageable number

9. Avoid Loose Clothing

Try to keep anything flammable away from the grill — especially any open flames. This could include loose shirt sleeves, apron strings, and long hair. Wear clothing that fits snug enough that you won’t have to push it out of the way and tie back long hair before handling your grill.


10. Shut Down Your Grill Correctly

Take the time to properly shut down your grill when you’re finished. Gas grill owners should turn off the burners, then close the valve to the propane tank. Disconnect the propane tank and store it away from the grill. If you have a charcoal grill, be sure to put out any open flames. Wait at least 48 hours before disposing of the ashes, which could still be hot even if they’re not glowing.


Stay Safe While Enjoying Your Grill

Being aware of your surroundings and following these grilling safety tips should help you avoid accidents for an enjoyable summer of grilling. However, accidents can happen when you least expect them. Help protect your home from fire damage with renters insurance or homeowners insurance. Talk to a Wawanesa agent today to learn more about coverage from fire damage and make sure your policy is up to date.





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