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Wawanesa Holiday Gift Guide

Don’t know what to get the drivers in your life? Check out our holiday gift guide to see what products we think would be great gifts for all the drivers on your list.

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Rules for Your Teen Driver

Did your teen recently pass their driver’s test? Help keep them and other drivers safe by setting driving rules until they gain more experience on the road. Read this post for ideas on driving rules for teens.

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8 Tips to Keep Your Home Safe this Thanksgiving

There are plenty of potential hazards to your home during Thanksgiving. From house fires to burglars, use these tips to help keep your home and family safe so you can enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday without worry.

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What Happens if You Let Someone Borrow Your Car?

Have you ever let a friend borrow your car or borrowed a vehicle from a family member? You probably didn’t think much about insurance coverage with a different driver. Find out how insurance works when someone borrows your car and what happens if there’s an accident.

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