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Basic Skills for Every Car Owner

Knowing basic maintenance and repair skills could help you keep your car running for longer. Use this list to see what skills you should have as a driver.

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Tackle Parallel Parking with These Tips

If you’re driving past a parking spot because you don’t want to parallel park, you’re not alone. Use this step-by-step guide and handy parking tips to help you become a parallel parking pro.

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Fraudulent Car Accidents and Dash Cams

Scammers sometimes stage car accidents with unsuspecting drivers to get insurance claims. Dash cams can provide important evidence to help pursue fraudsters. Read this post to learn more about fraudulent accidents and dash cams

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8 Ways to Prevent Home Fires

Both interior fires and wildfires pose a threat to California residents. Use these tips to help minimize your chances of starting a fire in or around your home.

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Off to College: Things to Consider

Are you or your child about to head to college? These helpful tips will have you prepared to take on this next phase of life. Read this post to learn more about preparing for college transitions.

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Caring for Pets During a Move

Moving with pets is stressful for everyone involved. Follow these important tips to make the move as comfortable as possible for your furry friends.

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