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6 Ways to Earn More Cash for the Holidays

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During the pandemic holiday season of 2020, Americans spent an average of $1,000 on presents, holiday decorations, and other holiday-related expenses. How much did you spend?

This year, average Christmas spending will likely increase. The ongoing pandemic situation is causing the price of all kinds of goods and services to increase. There’s also a good chance that the current supply-chain issues will cause significant shortages as well, which may result in even higher prices than you’d expect this holiday season.

Thinking of splurging a little more on gifts this year? Learn about the top six ways to earn extra money for the holidays below.


1. Sell Your Belongings

In times of need, it always makes sense to earn some quick and easy cash by selling your used items. Whether you’re selling your old stuff via an in-person yard sale or attempting to sell things on an online market, there’s no easier way to earn fast cash.

In 2018, over $90 billion worth of merchandise was sold on eBay. If you’re hoping to earn some quick cash, then you can take advantage of the popularity of big marketplaces like eBay and Facebook. You also have a better chance of getting a good value for your lightly used items. That’s because fans of certain niche items can find your stuff so much easier using online platforms.

Selling your belongings is a great idea if you have items you don’t use anymore but that still provide value. (After all, to paraphrase the saying: One person’s junk, is another’s treasure.) However, if you don’t own a whole bunch of saleable stuff, then this option might not be the best way for you to earn extra money for the holidays. Don’t lose hope, though, since you’ll find other ideas below.


2. Shop and Deliver Groceries

At the height of COVID-19, vulnerable populations faced a huge risk. Heading out to the grocery store for essential items could have potentially exposed them to the virus. The good news is that online grocery delivery apps that were already in place helped support this older or immune-compromised population. If you’re hoping to learn how to earn extra cash for the holidays and you have extra time to shop, this might be your best option.

First, you’ll want to sign up with a service like InstaCart or Shipt. Then, you’ll have access to accept or reject different grocery-shopping jobs.

If you accept a job, you’re expected to:

  • Head to the grocery store
  • Shop for the exact items on the customer’s list
  • Communicate with the customer if need be
  • Deliver the groceries to the customer in a timely manner.

If you really enjoy driving and delivering, consider extending your income-earning potential by including services like DoorDash. By joining those platforms, you can make money delivering people in your area’s favorite fast food too.


3. Offer a Service: Housekeeping, Babysitting, and Pet Sitting

If you’re questioning how to earn extra cash for the holidays and have extra time on your hands, offering a high-demand service is a sure way to earn some quick money. Babysitting, pet sitting, and housekeeping services are all needed as the holidays approach. Consider posting your information and availability on your local Facebook groups, creating posters to put around town or even applying to marketplace websites like

If you plan on using your own home for any services, it might not be a bad idea to look into a homeowners or renters insurance policy before getting down to business. You can use our renters quote section to get a rough estimate on how it might change your premium.


4. Offer Holiday Services: Gift Wrapping, Holiday Shopping, and Decorating

You could also offer holiday-specific services to customers. Consider charging customers to wrap their gifts, do their holiday shopping for them, or even decorate their homes. These types of services are well worth the cost and you’re certain to find plenty of busy neighbors, friends, and family members who would be happy to pay you for your help during the holiday season.


5. Open a Drop-Shipping Business

Did you know that you could set up an entirely virtual shop and sell items without ever physically handling products? If you’re wondering how to earn money for the holidays and you like being online, then consider starting a drop-shipping business. This is a great way to make passive income throughout the year.

If you end up earning way more than you expected, you could always consider charitable giving as a good option for the holidays. This type of gift is invaluable for people in need. Not only that, but charitable contributions are often tax deductible, too.


6. Get Crafty

Are you already a super creative person? If so, then you likely have a passion for the holidays. After all, there are so many cute crafts and decorations to enjoy! If that type of merchandise excites you, then just imagine how your own skills could create those items. By getting crafty and creating unique merchandise, you can earn money during holidays like Christmas with ease.

All you’ll need to do is use your imagination to create cute items and then sell them using online platforms like Etsy. If you’re successful, you could turn this holiday money-making effort into a year-round business model. If you’re interested in turning your crafts into a business, then the holidays are the perfect time to explore your options and try it out.

We hope the above six ways to earn extra money for the holidays has given you some ideas. With a little ingenuity and luck, you should be able to come up with enough money to enjoy the holidays without going into debt.

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