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12 Family Spring Break Mistakes To Avoid

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Family trips are an excellent opportunity for family bonding. They are the source of stories that become family lore. If you’re planning a family spring break, there's much to do before you leave to ensure your trip is memorable for the right reasons. Let’s look at 15 common travel mistakes to avoid during spring break to be sure you all have a great time together.

1. Planning Everything on Your Own

Don’t be afraid to consult the experts when planning your family’s spring break. Travel agents can offer terrific insights on discounts, flying tips, family-friendly (or unfriendly) establishments, and destinations and give you the inside track to score great deals or perks.

2. Budget Inflexibility

Setting a clear budget for your spring break or any other family trip is essential. Many fantastic-sounding destinations or travel packages are not inclusive. If the buffets, golfing, and waterslides are charged separately, expenses can add up fast. Going to a resort that offers a swim with dolphins is magical — if that swim is within the budget. Mistaking fantastic add-ons for parts of a pre-paid package is one of the biggest and most common travel mistakes to avoid.

While sticking to your travel budget for your family spring break is essential, always budget wisely. Some savings come at too high a cost! Read the fine print, and consider the circumstances. Sometimes, the more expensive option is better.

3. Winging it at the Theme Parks

While theme parks have something for everyone, they also have restrictions. Before you go, know what you want to do and see. Is Grandma healthy enough for the events she wants to participate in? Are all the kids tall enough to ride the rides they most want?

4. Insisting on Togetherness

Family spring break is a wonderful chance for family bonding, but don’t force it. There are some fast-paced things the kids want to run off and do, while the parents and grandparents would rather enjoy something educational or slower-paced. Figure out how to stay in contact and plan times to meet back up, but allow some independence. Then, at the family dinner, everyone can swap their stories.

5. Booking a Party Destination

Family spring break is a great way for the generations to enjoy their time together. But if you book your stay in the middle of college kids going wild, you won’t enjoy the family getaway you have been dreaming of. So, do your research to learn where to go to avoid spring breakers. Consider some affordable road trip destinations.

6. Failing to Allow for Jet Lag

Of course, you want to maximize your time for adventure. But jet lag is real. So plan for downtime before taking on the new locale. If you have more energy than you plan on, you can always use it. But don’t get the family trip during spring break off to a bad start by ignoring the need for rest.

7. Ignoring the Reviews

It’s tempting to score a great deal for your family's spring break. But don’t disregard a slew of negative reviews. While sure, some people are never satisfied, too many negative reviews tell a story you would be foolish to overlook.

8. Banking on Warm Weather

Sure, traveling during spring break may be about following the sun. But when the sun goes down, many hot destinations turn more chilly than expected. Unfortunately, failing to plan for intermittent chills is a common travel mistake in warm climate locations.

9. Skipping the Travel Insurance

Of course, you hope all your planning pays off. But travel insurance prepares you for the worst while you hope for the best. Your qualified expenses can be reimbursed if the flight, hotel, or other accommodations are canceled for a covered reason. Canceled flights, closed resorts, health scares — with travel insurance, you’re covered!

10. Taking Internet Access for Granted

We’re all so reliant on our phones, tablets, and other screens we assume the Internet is available everywhere. But too many cruise lines and resorts don’t provide Internet — without additional fees! Don’t assume Internet access will be available. Your family's spring break will be far more successful if you nail down Internet accessibility before you need it.

11. Insisting on Doing it All

Your family's spring break should be an enjoyable adventure for you all. While you’ll try to schedule everyone’s favorite things to do, over-extending is a common travel mistake to avoid. Setting unrealistic expectations that fail to consider the budget, time frames, and each family member’s abilities and energy levels leads to disappointment. Remember that being together is a big part of your trip’s goals.

12. Sweating the Small Stuff

Of course, planning your family’s spring break carefully is essential. But be sure that everyone understands that no plan survives first contact with reality. So, roll with the punches, adapt to the unexpected, and let the small annoyances go. Keep a great sense of humor and a flexible attitude, and you’ll enjoy an amazing family vaycay!

These family travel tips are sure to help you make your spring break fun for everyone. While you’re planning your getaway, make some time to connect with a Wawanesa agent to review your homeowner’s insurance policy and options. Secure the homefront for your return from your adventures.

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