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10 Ways to Beat the Heat Without Air Conditioning


10 Ways to Beat the Heat Without Air Conditioning

As the summer heats up, you might be looking for ways to stay cool. If you don’t have air conditioning, the higher temperatures could leave you overheated. Even if you have AC, running your thermostat on high could send your energy bill through the roof.

The good news? You can beat the heat without air conditioning. Check out these 10 tips and learn how to stay cool without AC.


1. Grab a Cold Drink

You might be tempted to try to cool your whole home when you’re figuring out how to cool off. However, you don’t need to bring down the temperature in the room — just in your body. Lowering your body temperature with a cold drink, like a glass of ice water, will help cool you down faster than cooling your home.


2. Eat a Frozen Snack

If you’re not thirsty, you can also opt for a cold, frozen snack. Try something healthy like homemade Greek yogurt bites. Dollop some Greek yogurt into an ice cube tray or onto a freezer-safe plate lined with parchment paper. Add tasty add-ins like fruit or nuts. Put it in the freezer till it’s frozen and enjoy a refreshing snack whenever you need a pick-me-up.


3. Close Your Blinds

Your windows let in a lot of heat from the sun. Block it out by pulling down your blinds. You can also invest in blackout curtains to help stop the sun from heating your home during the warm summer months. Make sure you’re allowed to add curtains or blinds if you’re in a rental and protect your investment with a renters insurance policy.


4. Relax in a Cold Bath

Turn your bathroom into your own private soaking pool with a cold bath. Start by wetting your head a little to help immediately cool off the top part of your body. Then ease into the bath and relax until you’re cooled down.


5. Upgrade Your Fan

Sitting in front of a fan might offer minor relief from the heat, but you might still be hot. A simple trick can turn your fan into a makeshift air conditioning. Set an ice pack or bowl of ice in front of the fan. As the fan blows, the cold from the ice will be lifted through the air like a cool breeze.


6. Apply Ice Packs or Cold Washcloths

Placing an ice pack or cold washcloth on certain areas of your body can help keep you cool without air conditioning. Aim for strong-pulsed areas like your wrists and neck. You can also place a cool washcloth over your forehead. Make sure washcloths are damp, not wet, for optimal cooling.


7. Invest in Cooling Bedding

Flannel sheets are great when it’s cold at night, but they’re not the best option when the temperatures go up in the summer. Swap out heavy winter bedding with cooler, lighter fabrics like cotton and linen. You can even purchase pillows and sheets made with materials that are designed to help keep your cool — from synthetic fibers and gels to natural materials like bamboo.


8. Freeze Your Clothes

You can toss your clothes in the dryer to give them a quick warm-up in the winter months. You can use the same concept to help you stay cool in the summer using your freezer. Place your clothes, like undergarments or a shirt, in your freezer. You’ll get a refreshing burst of cold when you take them out and put them on. This can be especially helpful after taking a shower, where the steam could leave you sweating as you try to dry off.


9. Move Downstairs

Heat rises, which means sleeping in an upstairs bedroom will likely be warmer than sleeping downstairs. Consider moving to a lower floor if it’s too hot to sleep upstairs. If you have a basement, it could be a great place to cool off during the day as well as at night. You may need to make improvements to your basement, such as finishing rough concrete walls, so be sure to update your homeowners insurance if you make any significant changes.


10. Skip the Stove

You’re warming your home each time your turn on a stove burner or start the oven. Your cooktop and oven let out a lot of heat and it can be difficult to bring your home’s temperature back down. Instead of cooking inside, consider heading outdoors and using a grill or opting for foods you can eat without warming.


How to Stay Cool Without AC

Whether you don’t have air conditioning in your home or are trying to save on electric bills, there are plenty of ways to stay cool this summer. The main goal when trying to cool off without air conditioning is to lower your body temperature. This will be easier than trying to cool down your whole home. Once you know the basics of how to keep cool without air conditioning, you can get creative and find your own ways to beat the heat.




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