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Summer Must Have Products to Stay Cool - $50 Dollars or Less

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Did you know that the last eight years have been the hottest in recorded history? If you thought the summer of 2022 would be any different, then you’ve got a hot surprise waiting for you.

The good news is there are plenty of products on the market to help you stay cool in summer. Are you looking for ways to beat the heat? These top 16 summer must-haves can help if you want to keep yourself from baking in the summer sun.

1. Portable Neck Fans

Handheld fans used to be popular, but it wasn’t long before people realized they weren’t getting cool enough by manually fanning themselves. After all, the energy exerted makes the process barely worthwhile. The good news is that we have electronic, portable fans available nowadays. Be sure to get a rechargeable or battery-powered portable fan, and you can even opt for one with features like a water sprayer, too. Have you ever had trouble staying cool while running errands or hanging out with friends? No one wants to be drenched in sweat while out and about. Consider picking up a portable neck fan as a great gift for yourself.

Portable neck fans are really quite simple. There are two fans attached to a base that goes around your neck. It kind of looks like you're resting headphones around your neck. The fan blows cool air into your face when you aim it toward you. It's so simple, we are surprised it hasn't been around longer.

2. Cooling Bandana

The same technology used in cooling towels and wristbands can be found in certain bandanas, too. So, if you prefer to wear bandanas around your neck, this is a great option for you. You’ll stay cool while looking your best, at the same time. Of course, this is a temporary measure since the bandana will dry off quickly in the heat.

3. Reusable Ice Cubes

Nothing is worse than attempting to cool off with a refreshing drink only to taste a warm, watered-down beverage. When temps are scorching, it can be a real challenge to keep that drink cool with regular ice cubes. If you’re wondering how to keep cool in the summer without watering down your beverage, invest in reusable ice cubes that chill your drink and don’t melt. These bad boys will come in handy day after day.

4. Blackout Curtains

Blackout curtains are one of the easiest and most cost effective solutions you can implement in your home to keep cool. The reason blackout curtains are also called "thermal drapes" is that they block out the light. The best part is that they come in a wide range of colors to match your personal style and block light and heat from strong sunlight. During the summer months, blackout curtains will keep the rooms where they are installed cooler by reducing heat transfer through your windows.

5. Cooling Sticks

When it comes to products to cool you down, cooling sticks are rarely considered. This eye product is exactly the summer pick-me-up you need. When you apply the product under your eyes, it reduces puffiness and darkness. The stick also provides cool relief to your face, which can feel wonderful on a hot day.

6. Freezable Drink Cups

The best products to stay cool in the heat are also reusable. If you thought reusable ice cubes were a great idea, then you’ll love this one. Freezable drink cups will help keep your drink cooler for longer. Once your beverage starts getting hot, simply trade out your cup for a frozen one.

7. Cooling Towels

If you need to work outside on a hot day or you’re planning to take a long hike or jog, cooling towels can instantly provide relief for hours. These light weight, water-absorbing sports towels can be lifesaving if you or someone nearby starts to suffer from heatstroke or heat exhaustion.

8. Car Sunshades

If you’ve ever burned your legs attempting to sit down on your baking-hot leather car seats, you’ll know how important it is to have a good sunshade. A well-fitting sunshade propped against the inside of your windshield will deflect direct sun, reducing the interior temperature of your car and keep the interior from getting bleached.

9. Cooling Car Seat Covers

Take your auto experience one step further with a cooling car seat. This seat cover goes right on top of your existing car seat and helps circulate the air to keep you cool. This is one investment that’s worth the expense to prevent leg burning as you enter your hot car.

10. Cooling Wristbands

If you enjoy functional accessories, you’ll love cooling wristbands. All you do is soak these bands in water, squeeze out the excess water, and then put them on your wrists. From there, the bands will soak up your sweat and provide a cooling sensation by lowering your core body temperature.

11. The Right Hat

When it comes to things to keep you cool in summer, the right hat can work wonders. Moisture-wicking hats are perfect if you’ll be out in the hot sun for an extended time. Not only will a wide-brimmed hat keep you cool, but it will also give you much-needed protection from the damaging rays of the sun on your scalp and face.

12. Sun Tent or Umbrella

If you and your family plan to be out in the sun for a while at the beach or in the yard, an umbrella or sunshade is crucial. No one wants to get sunburn or suffer from heat exhaustion and small children and pets are especially vulnerable. Make your own shady oasis by adding a portable umbrella or easy pop-up tent to your sun-protection arsenal.

13. Insulated Water Bottle

If you plan to be out in the heat for an extended period, it’s essential to stay hydrated. It can literally be the difference between life and death in certain situations. To keep your water ice cold, invest in an insulated water bottle that will keep your fluids cool for up to 36 hours.

14. Protective Clothing

Of course, you’ll want to wear the right clothes for the season, too. You may be tempted to throw on a pair of shorts and a tank top, but lightweight, protective clothing is a safer bet. To keep the sun’s rays off your skin, shirts with long sleeves and a collar and long pants will protect you more. You can also find special clothing with UV protection built into the fabric. Protect any remaining exposed skin with a good sunscreen and don’t forget to re-apply as needed.

15. Backyard Misting System

Your own backyard can bring refreshing relief from the heat when you install a backyard misting system. This will pay for itself in no time, as your whole family will remain comfortable outdoors while eating and lounging, regardless of the heat. You can even attach certain models to backyard play features, such as trampolines, to keep the kids cool as they jump.

16. Portable Cooler

No outdoor get-together with friends or family is complete without cool beverages and fresh food, which means a cooler is a must-have. You may be tempted to buy a less expensive cooler made from foam, but those tend to have a short lifespan and are not great for the environment as they don’t decompose like organic materials do. Invest in a sturdy, long-lasting one and you’ll have it for years to come.

Summer Must-Haves to Keep You Cool This Summer

Investing in a few of these products will keep you and your family cool on hot summer days and long road trips. But before you set out on your summer adventures, make sure your insurance can take the heat. Summer is a great time to review your home and auto insurance policies to help ensure your home is protected and your car is covered while you’re on the road. Get a free auto quote now from Wawanesa or browse through our other insurance products today. We want to help you travel with peace of mind all summer long.

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