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Tips to keep your home and belongings safe over the holiday season

For many people, the holiday season is easily the best time of year. Whether you’re spending time with family and friends at home or escaping on a much-deserved winter vacation, getting swept up in the festivities is all part of the fun. But while many of us are busy spreading holiday cheer, others unfortunately may be looking to take advantage of the generosity of the season so it is essential that we make our lists and check them twice when it comes to keeping our homes and property safe.

Keep a close eye on your car

Whether you’re making multiple stops to finish up your last-minute shopping, carting gifts around when visiting family or taking advantage of post-holiday sales, your vehicle can be a prime target for thieves looking to get their hands on your purchases.

  • Always keep doors locked and windows closed, and avoid storing gifts in your vehicle. Keep items out of sight, especially electronics, by keeping them in the trunk or console.
  • Never leave your running vehicle unattended.
  • Consider installing an alarm to help deter thieves.
  • Park your vehicle in your garage or in a well-lit environment and avoid dark and deserted locations.

Secure your home

During the holidays, your home can become the prime target for break-ins, theft or other vandalism from thieves who are looking for signs that a property that has been left vacant or stockpiled with big ticket gift items.

  • If you’re going to be away over the holidays, be cautious about sharing your vacation plans – especially on social media. Try to make arrangements for someone to check in on your property, shovel the driveway or bring in your garbage and recycling bins to avoid making it obvious that no one is home.
  • Try to keep your Christmas tree, with any gifts underneath, away from any area that’s highly visible from outside.
  • After the holidays are over, be careful when discarding packing from expensive items. Break down boxes from luxury stores, electronics or other sought-after goods and dispose of them in trash bags rather than leaving them exposed on the curb for garbage day.
  • Make sure your home is well-lit, and consider installing timers or motion activating lighting.

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