Renters Insurance Discounts in California

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Residence Protection Device Discount

Type of Alarm Discount
Fire or smoke alarm. TYPE 1
2% reduction from basic premium
Fire or smoke alarm and dead bolt locks and fire extinguishers. TYPE 2
5% reduction from basic premium
Fire alarm and/or complete burglar alarm reporting to Fire Dept., Police Dept., or Central Station. TYPE 3
10% reduction from basic premium

The maximum discount available for any combination of safety devices is 10%.


Gated Community/Secured Building Discount

Renters are eligible for a premium discount if the residence is located in a gated community or a secured building.

A gated community is defined as a housing community that is completely surrounded by a fence with all entrances secured by either a 24-hour manned security guard station, or a resident card or key lock control.

A secured building is defined as one in which you must pass through a locked common entry door into the building before gaining access to the locked rented dwelling.

Type of Security Discount
Gated Community/Secured Building 2% reduction from basic premium
Gated Community/Secured Building with Guard on Duty 24 hours a day. 5% reduction from basic premium

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