California Condo Insurance FAQs

Frequently asked questions:

Where do I mail my payment for my existing policy?

Please mail your check, payable to:
Wawanesa General Insurance Company
P.O. Box 85048
San Diego, CA


Is there a grace period if my payment is late?

There is NO grace period. Payments must be U.S. postmarked or received in our office PRIOR to any expiration or cancellation date to avoid a lapse in coverage. No claims will be honored if a loss occurs during a lapse period.


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Can I designate an additional person to receive notice of cancellation for nonpayment?

Yes, as of January 1, 2016, you may designate one additional person to receive notice of cancellation of your policy for nonpayment of premium. This designated person will receive notice at least 10 days prior to the effective date of any cancellation of your policy for nonpayment of premium. You may designate, change, or delete this person at any time after January 1, 2016. Please note that this person will not have any rights under the policy except for the right to receive notice of lapse, termination, expiration, non-renewal or cancellation of your policy for nonpayment of premium.

To add, change, or delete an additional person to receive notice of cancellation for nonpayment, visit our Change Your Policy section, or email, fax, or mail our office with the following information:

  1. Your policy number
  2. Your full name
  3. The full name of the additional person you wish to designate
  4. The complete mailing address of the additional person you wish to designate
  5. Whether or not you authorize Wawanesa to discuss your policy's billing information with this designated additional person

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My policy canceled for non-payment. If I send a payment will my coverage be reinstated?

Reinstatement of coverage is subject to Underwriter approval. If reinstated, coverage will be effective 12:01 AM the day after the U.S. postmark date on your payment envelope. Reinstatement of coverage is not possible on any policy that has been canceled or expired for more than 25 days.


What policy discounts are available on my Wawanesa Condominium Insurance Policy?

We currently offer the following discounts:

1. Sprinkler System

2. Home Protection Device

3. Water Alarm

4. Non-Smokers

5. Multi-Product

6. Age of Homeowner

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Are my personal belongings covered when I am traveling in a foreign country?

Yes, your personal belongings are covered while you are traveling anywhere in the world.


If I apply for condominium insurance, do I have coverage immediately?

In order to have coverage immediately, you must meet ALL of the following requirements:

1. Your application is U.S. postmarked at least one day before the requested policy effective date.

2. You must properly complete and sign the application.

3. You enclose your premium downpayment check with your application.

4. There have not been any earth movement or subsidence losses in your area.

5. There is no mandatory evacuation order currently in effect in your area.

6. You do not have any employees working in your home.

7. There are no loss assessment claims pending through your homeowners association.

Otherwise, NO coverage will apply until such time as your application is otherwise approved by Wawanesa.


If I have a claim will my premium increase?

No - there is no rate increase based upon your claims experience.


I would like to obtain a Condominium policy. Where do I mail application and down payment?

Please mail your application and a check or money order to:

Wawanesa General Insurance Company
New Business Unit
P.O. Box 82867
San Diego, CA


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