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Frequently asked questions:


Do you have 24/7 new claims reporting service?

Yes. You can report a new claim at any time.


Why do I have to pay my deductible if I'm not at fault for an accident?

Your deductible has nothing to do with fault. A deductible is paid regardless of fault. It is equivalent to self-insurance up to the amount of the deductible that you request on your application for insurance.

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Can I choose an auto body shop of my choice?

Yes. We do have Direct Repair Facilities with which we work and whose work is guaranteed by that facility and by Wawanesa Insurance but you are guaranteed by the Department of Insurance Regulations the ability to choose the shop of your choice.


When is an appraiser going to inspect my vehicle?

Our Material Damage Department is normally able to inspect a vehicle within 48 hours of confirming its location.


When can I expect to have my deductible returned if I have been found not at fault for an accident?

There is no easy answer to this question. As an insurance carrier we have no legal right to request your deductible from the party with whom you were involved or their insurer. We do so as a courtesy to you in the hopes that the other insurer, if it is identified, will cooperate with us and return your deductible through this office to you.

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Why can't you pay me now under my Uninsured Motorist Collision Deductible Waiver or Uninsured Motorist Property Damage Coverage?

These coverages have certain conditions. The other party must be legally liable (negligent) in the accident and the other party who is legally liable must be identified as an uninsured motorist. Only then are we able to make payment under those coverages.


Why should I go through my insurance company when the accident was the other party's fault?

This is simply your choice. You have purchased certain coverages from us and you may utilize those coverages at your discretion. You have every right to pursue the at fault party through their insurance company.


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What do I do if the damage appraisal is less than the amount required by the auto body shop?

Simply have the shop contact the appraiser who inspected your vehicle and that appraiser will make arrangements to either reinspect your vehicle or deal with the shop over the phone to reach an agreed price to have your vehicle satisfactorily repaired.


Can you as my insurance company demand the responsible party's company or that party pay me for my damage?

This is an often asked question. As an insurance company, we are here to pay for your covered loss. We do not have the legal ability to demand that anyone pay for your damages. The only parties that have that ability are yourself or your attorney.


What is my recourse if I am found at fault for an accident and I disagree?

You may request reconsideration of our liability determination and we will answer that request within 30 days. Your contract allows us to settle or defend as we deem appropriate any claim made against you.

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I had an accident that was my fault. Will my premiums increase?

Please contact our Customer Service Department or our Underwriting Department who will assist you with this inquiry.


Does my coverage include the cost of a defense attorney if I am sued or do I have to pay my defense attorney myself?

We will provide a legal defense against any lawsuit seeking damages for bodily injury or property damage covered by your Automobile Policy’s Liability Coverage.

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What are my claim payment options and how do they work?

For information about options for having your claim paid out visit our FAQ to see answers to questions about claim payments

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