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Switch To These Cheap Streaming Services

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Remember when streaming services were the hot new thing in television and entertainment? Many of us eagerly cut the cord on our cable television and signed up with the king of streaming — Netflix. We saved money and greatly expanded our entertainment options — and it was all without commercials. Win-win-win! However, this streaming service has grown larger, is raising its subscription fees again, and has added ads to boost the bottom line as other streaming services raise their prices, once cheap streaming services have become too expensive for many households to subscribe to several at once. Let’s explore economical Netflix alternatives so your family can watch their favorite shows and stop spending so much.

The Real Cost of Netflix Streaming Services

Netflix consumers were hit with two significant changes this year. The streaming service has cracked down on subscribers sharing their passwords, and there’s a new price hike. The standard package is now priced at $15.49 per month, up from $13.99. For watching in ultra HD or 4K shows, Netflix Premium is $19.99 per month. In addition to the increased subscription costs, you’ll now pay $8 per month to add an “extra member” outside your household to the account.

Netflix explains that their robust development of new content requires this raise in subscription fees. They have added a Netflix alternative — Standard with ads for $6.99 per month.

Other streaming platforms, like Peacock and Hulu, are raising their rates. Soon, subscribing to multiple platforms will meet or exceed the amount we paid our cable companies before we cut the cord. Let’s dive into cheap streaming services that are quality Netflix alternatives.

Cheap Alternatives to Mainstream Streaming Services

As the streaming service industry matures, the need for cheaper streaming services offering quality content is growing. Let’s take a look at the top affordable Netflix alternatives available today.

Amazon FreeVee

Amazon FreeVee is a cheap streaming service for Prime members. A wide selection of content, including classic shows and Amazon Originals, is free with ads. The ads run before your content and at multiple intervals during the show. As a Netflix alternative, free is much better than Netflix with ads for $6.99. For shows or movies that are only available by renting or purchasing, an occasional purchase might still be cheaper than paying a monthly subscription to Netflix. Watch Freevee on Amazon devices or your computer or tablet.

Amazon FreeVee Accessibility

Like Prime Video, Freevee is accessible through the Amazon website or via the Amazon Prime app on various smart devices, including Fire TV, smartphones, tablets, and some smart TVs.


Tubi is another cheap streaming service that relies on ads instead of subscription fees. This Netflix alternative is entirely free, despite recent rumors to the contrary. You can access thousands of movies, TV shows, and live TV on many channels. While it may lack much premium content you love, new content is added weekly. And there’s no arguing with the price.

Tubi Accessibility

Viewers can access Tubi through its website or download the Tubi app, which is widely available on most devices, including Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Android, iOS, and more.

Hulu (with Ads)

Hulu offers a cheap streaming service alternative offset by commercials. For $7.99 per month, you can access the entire library with mandatory ads. While it may be tiring to be interrupted with ads while binging on a series, Hulu oftentimes allow you to pick the type of ad you want to watch. We expect another price hike of $3-$7 on ad-free Hulu and live TV plans this fall. Interestingly, ad-free subscribers will still see ads on limited content due to licensing restrictions. Currently, we have no information on the next increase for Hulu with ads. You still get access to original content like The Handmaid’s Tale.

Hulu (with Ads) Accessibility

Hulu (with ads) is widely available on web browsers, tablets, gaming consoles, mobile devices, smart TVs, and Roku.


Vudu, a digital video distribution service owned by Walmart, offers another enticing option for budget-conscious viewers. While it has traditionally been a platform for renting or purchasing movies and TV shows, Vudu also provides a selection of free movies and TV streams. You can explore a wide array of content without the need for a subscription, although you may encounter ads during your viewing. Vudu's free offerings include both classic and contemporary titles, making it a valuable addition to your list of cost-effective streaming alternatives. This is especially ideal for those who want to watch specific movies or shows without the commitment of a paid subscription.

Vudu Accessibility

Simply visit the Vudu website on your computer, download the Vudu app on your Android or iOS device, or find it on your smart TV, streaming devices, gaming consoles, set-top boxes, and even some Blu-ray players.


Peacock is NBCUniversal’s cheap streaming service option. The free plan allows access only to specific episodes of original content. For instance, you can watch the first two seasons of The Office for free, but the others are behind a paywall. For $5.99 per month, you can access the entire library with mandatory ads. For $11.99 per month, you can skip the commercials. This premium tier also provides access to live NBC TV.

Peacock Accessibility

Peacock is available on select web browsers, Android and iOS tablets, Amazon Fire TV, various smart televisions, Roku, PlayStation, and Xbox.


Max is the rebranded streaming service that provides all HBO content along with HBO channels. The cheapest version of this Netflix alternative costs $9.99 per month and includes commercials. You’ll spend $15.99 - $19.99 per month to watch ad-free. These premium subscriptions provide better video quality and the ability to stream to 2-4 devices at once. With Max subscriptions, you also have 30-100 monthly downloads for streaming on the go.

Max Accessibility

Max is widely accessible on most smartphones and tablets, PCs and Google Chromebooks, and most smart TVs, Roku, PlayStation, and Xbox.

Apple TV+

If you have an Apple device, Roku, an Amazon Fire TV device, a Samsung smart TV, Nvidia Shield, or an Android TV OS, you can watch Apple TV+. This ad-free cheap streaming service costs $6.99 and provides access to all Apple TV+ shows and movies. To watch iTunes movies or content produced by other providers requires an additional fee. The Apple TV+ library is smaller than other Netflix alternatives on our list, with one more drawback. New episodes are released weekly rather than all at once, thwarting those who love binge-watching new shows.

Apple TV+ Accessibility

Apple TV+ is available for streaming on all Apple devices, smart TVs, sticks, and consoles.


YouTube is a treasure trove of content, and it's completely free. As a versatile streaming platform, it offers a wide range of content, from cat videos to educational lectures, makeup tutorials to live music performances. YouTube also has a section for primetime Movies and TV shows you can watch for free with the occasional ad break. With billions of videos uploaded by creators from around the world, YouTube has something for everyone.

YouTube Accessibility

YouTube is widely accessible on smartphones, tablets, PCs, laptops, smart TVs, Roku, gaming consoles, and more.

As the streaming service industry evolves, we’ll see more content options and additional subscription services. Many cheap streaming services offset their expenses by airing ads with every show to provide low-cost or free content access. Whether you’re cutting expenses to save for a car or another major expense or want to tame your budget, watching a few ads every half hour can help. Consider your patience with advertising and the content that matters most as you navigate the world of alternatives to Netflix.

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