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Surprising Things Covered by Renters Insurance

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What does renters insurance cover? This is a common question when renters are considering purchasing renters insurance. You may know that a renters insurance policy will cover your belongings in the event of a covered loss. If a burglar breaks into your apartment and steals your new living room furniture, renters insurance may cover the replacement cost. It can also cover clothes damaged or destroyed by major accidents like fires, so long as their value meets your deductible. Many people think that renters insurance only covers the cost to replace or repair these common items.

In addition to covering a person's belongings, renters insurance has several lesser-known benefits. When renting an apartment, condominium, or a house it’s important to know everything that an insurance policy can do for you. Below are some interesting things covered by renters insurance. Be sure to check your individual insurance policy to find out what coverages are available to you.

What Does Renters Insurance Cover? Some Surprising Items

Property Outside your Dwelling

Surprisingly, renters insurance covers more than just the belongings inside your home. Did you know those possessions may also be covered when you are on the go or storing your belongings outside of your apartment or house?

For example, you are out to eat with friends at a busy restaurant. While you are enjoying dinner and chatting with friends, your phone is stolen from the edge of the table. Your renters insurance policy might cover the cost to replace the phone. Similarly, your bike may be vandalized or damaged while you are in class. The cost of replacing or repairing it may be covered by your renters insurance.

Should someone break your lock and steal your bike from a storage unit, it may be covered under your renters insurance. As an example, you might use a bike to get around town in nice weather. When temperatures cool, you store it in a storage unit.

Loss of Use

What do you do if your rental suddenly becomes unfit for living? An electrical fire might cause damage to your apartment building and you must leave during the repairs. The house you’re renting might have a pipe burst and flood the home, making it unlivable. Fortunately, many renters insurance policies have coverage for additional living expense, which can pay for your necessary basic necessities if you’re forced out of your rental while it is under repair and uninhabitable.

This benefit is especially helpful if you are going to be out of your rental for an extended period of time. If the repairs take a couple of months, the cost of living in a hotel or other temporary housing, the extra cost of food while you’re out, and even the need for pet boarding, can add up quickly.


In 2017, California had the highest number of insurance claims involving a dog bite in the United States. Dog bites are a common accident that can lead to expensive medical bills and possibly legal action against the owner. Even the friendliest of dogs may act unexpectedly. If you are a renter and dog owner, your renters insurance may cover your defense and liability if your dog bites someone.

Liability coverage also covers you for physical injuries to others for which you are legally liable. If you accidentally cause a fire while cooking and your neighbor gets hurt, your renters insurance can then protect you against legal action if taken by your neighbor. The protection provided by liability insurance can safeguard you should an accident occur.

What Does Renters Insurance Not Cover?

Generally, renters insurance does not provide coverage for certain natural disasters like floods or earthquakes, nor does it cover properties or items that are rented to others by you.

If you have high-value items like expensive jewelry or electronics, the cost to replace them may exceed the special limits coverage of your renters insurance. And it’s important to know too that each unrelated roommate or tenant in a rental must purchase their own renters insurance. The good news is that in many cases you can purchase additional coverage for these situations.

Get Covered with Renters Insurance

Renters insurance covers a wide variety of physical items and provides a layer of protection against unfortunate accidents like fires or injuries on the property. Knowing all of the benefits provided by renters insurance can help you decide if your current renters insurance is right for you. To find out how affordable the protection of renters insurance is, get a free quote today with Wawanesa.

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