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Spring Cleaning Tips for Homeowners

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Winter has finally started to thaw and the chill in the air is beginning to fade away. Even if you live in a warmer climate with mild winters, springtime brings longer days. Those long days and warmer temperatures make for a great time to do a little spring cleaning.

As a homeowner, your spring cleaning routine should include a little more than just scrubbing the bathrooms and vacuuming the floors. You can use spring as a time to check up on parts of your home that affect property value and longevity of your house. Our list of spring cleaning tips for homeowners gives you some ideas for not only cleaning your home but making sure all systems are running correctly.


Remove Dust and Built-Up Dirt

Just like a regular house cleaning, your spring cleaning routine should include a complete scrub down of your home. You can sweep, vacuum and mop floors to pull up the dust and grime that has built up over winter. Dust along molding and floorboards to pick up the dirt that has settled there. Ceiling fans tend to collect a lot of dust over the winter, so be sure to wipe them down thoroughly using a vacuum attachment or old pillowcase for dusting. Also, be sure to check that the fan is rotating in the correct direction. In spring and summer, you want it to spin counter-clockwise by pressing the switch on the fan’s side. As hot air rises, the counter-clockwise rotation forces cool air down towards the floor.


Do the Laundry

You’ve been doing laundry all winter so you’ll have clean clothes to wear, of course, but spring is a great time to air out warm-weather clothes and linens. Perhaps you use heavier sheets, such as flannel sheets, in the cooler winter months. Use your spring cleaning day to pull out lighter bedding and wash the winter sheets before storing them till next winter. Alternatively, you might just want to switch up your color palette or décor for the warmer months. Many people switch to a light color scheme for the warmer months. Fresh colored sheets bedcovers such as green, yellow and light blue can help welcome spring into your home.

While you’re doing your laundry, make sure to clean out your washer and dryer and check them for any issues. Be sure that the water lines running to your washing machine aren’t leaking. Give the tub of the washer a good rinse and sweep or vacuum behind and underneath the machine. You will probably also want to do this with your dryer, as well as checking that the vent is properly connected and vents cleanly outside your home.


Check Pipes and Water Lines

An increase in your monthly water or utility bill could be a signal that you have a burst or leaking pipe. Water damage in your home can be a costly expense that is a pain to deal with. Even if you don’t suspect a leak, springtime is a great opportunity to look through your home for any potential leaks or cracks. Check each of your faucets, including the ones outside your home, to make sure that they aren’t dripping. In bathrooms, you should inspect the areas around bathtubs, showers and toilets for leaking or damaged caulking so you can fix it before it becomes an issue.


Service Heating and Cooling Systems

Your heating and cooling units might be some of the most expensive and important equipment in your home. Luckily, these systems tend to have a long life with proper care. Proper maintenance of your heating and cooling systems can save you a lot of money, and a lot of hassle, down the road. Spring makes an excellent time to have your heating system checked out after running it all winter. Your air conditioner, likewise, could likely use a checkup from a professional before using it through the hot summer months. You may need to replace things like air filters that have gotten filled with dust and dirt.


Declutter Closets and Storage

Spring cleaning is an ideal time for going through old winter clothes or items and getting rid of things you don’t need. Go through each of the closets or storage spaces in your home and make three piles of the items you find. One will be for keeping, one for donating to charity and one for tossing out in the garbage or recycling. Put your items into their respective piles to help declutter your home. This exercise is also great for making a home inventory list. Home inventory lists are a breakdown of the items in your home that could assist you when filing a homeowners insurance claim. Your list should include important items you would want to be replaced and a short description of each item, including brand and serial number if possible.


Let in Fresh Air While Checking Windows and Doors

One of the best parts of a spring cleaning day is the chance to let in fresh new air and let out the stuffiness of winter. You can open up all your doors and windows while cleaning to enjoy the sunshine and the springtime breeze. Not only does this make your home feel refreshed, but it also gives you a chance to look at doors and windows for signs of damage or leaks. Be sure to check the caulking around the windows and doors. Sunshine and exposure to the elements can cause caulk to dry out or flake off. Also, check for signs of water damage anywhere around your windows or doors. This might indicate you have a leak from a broken seal.


Clean Gutters

Over the winter, your gutters may have gotten clogged with debris from trees, birds or squirrels. You can either hire a service to clean your gutters for you or you can clean them yourself. If you choose to clean them yourself, remember to be cautious when using a ladder. Always have someone there to help you and hold the ladder for stability.


Check Roofing

A new roof is an incredibly expensive undertaking, so it’s important to keep your current roof in the best shape possible. Check your roof for signs of stress or damage. This might include missing, broken or loose shingles. Additionally, check shingles to make sure they haven’t lost their protective layer. That gritty, asphalt-like substance on a roof tile protects it from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Just like with gutter cleaning, you will want to use caution and have a friend on the ground when you’re up on your roof.


Touch Up Peeling Paint

Peeling or cracking paint on a home never looks good. Even if it’s just cosmetic, peeling paint may lower the overall value and curb appeal of your home. It’s also usually a fairly easy fix. For homes with a lot of peeling paint, or cracked paint in hard to reach places, consider hiring a professional contractor to take care of the work for you. If you have a few small spots, you might want to take on the project yourself.


Refresh and Renew Your Home with a Spring Cleaning

A good spring cleaning helps your home feel refreshed and renewed for the warm season. Additionally, spring cleaning gives you the chance to go through your home’s important equipment and systems. You’ll be able to ensure everything is working properly and should be able to feel confident enjoying your home throughout the sunny spring and summer months.

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