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Most Dangerous Roads While Driving In San Diego


Most Dangerous Roads While Driving In San Diego

A recent survey that looked into the skills of drivers across the nation found that California is ranked 5th when it comes to having some of the worst drivers ever.

Are you planning on driving in San Diego anytime soon? If so, then you need to start learning about where the most dangerous roads are now. Increasing your awareness will help empower you to remain vigilant and safe despite driving along the same roads as some of the worst drivers in the nation. Learn everything you need to know about the top six most dangerous roads in California below.


Interstate 15 (Miramar Way to Scripps Poway Parkway)

The five-mile stretch on Interstate 15 from Miramar Way to Scripps Poway Parkway is reportedly the deadliest parkway in San Diego County. Fatalities are high because drivers tend to speed on the road, there’s often a lot of traffic, and there’s a large amount of alcohol-related traffic stops in the area, too. When alcohol is involved in an accident, it’s often a lot worse. Alcohol impairs a driver’s ability to make good decisions.

If you plan on riding on San Diego roads like Interstate 15 at night, then always stay alert and be cautious around other drivers. We also recommend opting for insurance protection that offers a claim service guarantee so that you can feel confident about your coverage if you do end up in a bad accident.


Interstate 5

Interstate 5, which is also called “The Five,” is one of the most dangerous roads in San Diego. What makes this road so dangerous is not only the massive amounts of traffic but also the consistent stop-and-go flow of traffic. The consistent stopping before speeding up leads to a ton of rear-end collisions. Typically, drivers can go pretty fast and they can also spread out over six lanes of traffic. The extreme amount of traffic prevents this from happening, though. Instead, several cars end up colliding, which backs up traffic even further.

If you have to ride on The Five in San Diego, then be prepared to sit in traffic, especially if you’re going during rush hour.


University Avenue and 52nd Street

The exact spot where University Avenue and 52nd Street meet is one of the most dangerous places to be on the road in San Diego. It’s listed as one of the “Fatal Fifteen” because it’s so notorious for causing fatal accidents for pedestrians who end up getting hit by vehicles. While there’s a lot of foot traffic at this intersection, there’s also a lot of bicycle traffic. Car versus pedestrian accidents are often devastating and result in very severe injuries.


University Avenue and Marlborough Avenue

You likely didn’t expect to see the same street on this list twice, yet here we are! University and Marlborough Avenue is another very dangerous road. The pedestrian crossing at the intersection is really what makes this area such a scary road. If you need to drive down this street, then you need to be extra careful of anyone attempting to go across the road. Often, the city attempts to debate legislation that will make this intersection less dangerous, but they’ve yet to come up with any solutions that work.


El Cajon Boulevard

At first glance, driving around San Diego on El Cajon Boulevard can seem very safe. Have you ever been on this road once it gets late, though? For some reason, this road inspires drivers to act recklessly, especially once the lights go down.

Many attribute this to the fact that El Cajon Boulevard is poorly lit at night. It’s also got three lanes in each direction, which inspires drivers to assume there’s plenty of room to go faster.

El Cajon isn’t a highway or freeway, though. There are plenty of pedestrians that are still using crosswalks at night! If you’re driving along El Cajon Boulevard at night, then be aware that there could be foot traffic. It’s also not advisable to go too fast despite multiple available lanes.


Freeway 67

If you keep going on El Cajon Boulevard, then you’ll soon run into Freeway 67. The bad news is that this road isn’t any safer than the previous one. Most people driving in San Diego call this stretch of road the “Bloody Alley.”

So, what makes Freeway 67 so dangerous? It’s one of the most dangerous roads in the county because of its twists and turns. Not only is the road difficult to navigate, but it’s also filled with blind spots, which means accidents are not just likely but inevitable.

If you plan on driving on El Cajon Boulevard or Freeway 67, then you’ll need to be extra cautious. We also recommend getting a policy that provides 24/7 claim service if you plan on traversing these roads at night. The last thing you need is for an accident to happen and for you to not be able to get in touch with your insurance provider!


Most Dangerous Roads in San Diego, California

San Diego drivers are notorious for being some of the worst in the nation. When you add those drivers onto some of the most dangerous roads, devastating accidents often result. If you’re hoping to drive along some of the roads on this list, then be sure to use your best judgment. Remain vigilant while driving and be aware of the threats you face.

Not all accidents are avoidable, though. Some things are simply outside of your control. One of the best ways to protect yourself and your family from unexpected and unavoidable accidents is to purchase protection in the form of auto insurance.

A good car insurance policy will cover the losses you face after an accident. From significant medical bills to property damage, bearing those costs alone can feel unmanageable. This is especially true if your injuries prevent you from returning to work right away.

Are you ready to get coverage? Get an auto insurance quote from us today to find out how much a policy will cost you.




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