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Holiday Activities for You and Your Pet

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To say that the U.S. is a nation of pet lovers is a bit of an understatement. Seventy percent of American households — or about 90.5 million families — own a pet, according to a recent survey by the American Pet Products Association (APPA). We shower love on our furry friends all year round, but the holiday season gives us even more opportunities to treat them like family.

For those households that count a dog as part of the family (48 million) or a cat (32 million), read on for ideas on how you can include your four-legged friends in all the fun of the season.


1. Give to Your Local Shelter

Rescue animals in shelters need food and warmth all year round, but the holidays are a great time to donate or donate extra. Whether you send money or gather up toys, food, and blankets, your local shelter and its residents will welcome your donation.


2. Dress Them in a Holiday Sweater

Don’t leave your pet out of the family fun when it comes to cute (or ugly) holiday sweater-wearing. On top of being totally adorable, your pet will love being warm on those frosty days and nights.


3. Make a Special Blankie

To carry on the cute and cozy trend, think about getting crafty and putting together a warm blanket — just for your dog or cat. You can knit, crochet, sew — or even glue a warm blanket together, which Fido or Fluffy will love. An added benefit: They won’t be hogging your blanket at movie time.


4. Take Them to See Santa

With so many pet parents these days, it’s not uncommon to see the line for Santa pics sprinkled with furry “kids” among the human ones. If your pet is well-behaved and not afraid of crowds, this can be a cute holiday outing for the whole family. Make sure everyone’s wearing their holiday sweaters and bingo — you’ve made memories and your holiday card!


5. Bake Delicious Treats

This time of year calls for special treats for the whole family to ward off the cold and dark of winter. But you don’t want to give your pet the same cookies and sweets you’re enjoying as some of the ingredients may not be safe for them. You’ll find plenty of recipes for healthy dog and cat treats on the internet. But if you’re not much of a baker, your local pet food store will come to the rescue with lots to choose from.


6. Shower Them with Gifts

It’s fun to pick out new toys or treats for your favorite furry one. If you have (real) kids, get them involved in choosing and wrapping the gifts. It helps get everyone into the spirit of the season and teaches children that giving is often more fun than getting.


7. Buy Pet Insurance

This gift idea is one for the whole year round, but if you don’t yet have pet insurance, now’s a good time to get it. Pet care can be expensive, so your pet and your wallet will thank you if your beloved pet ever needs treatment. A trusted partner of Wawanesa, Embrace Pet Insurance is rated #1 Pet Insurance Provider by Forbes. You can use your policy at any vet and coverage includes accidents and illness, prescription drugs, exam fees, and much more.



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