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Fun Inexpensive Date Ideas - $50 or Less

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Wouldn’t it be great to find a fun new way to enjoy a date without breaking the bank? Like hosting a terrific party, a great date doesn’t have to be expensive — you just need to get creative. Inexpensive date ideas can provide a lot of fun without breaking the bank. Whether you’re planning a first date or have been together for years, the classic dinner and a movie get stale. These fun and inexpensive date ideas will make you relax, talk, laugh, and enjoy your time together. There’s no need to splash out on an elaborate date. So, grab your spirit of adventure and see where it takes you!


1. Take in a Farmer’s Market

Take in the sights, scents, and sounds at your local farmer’s market. Enjoy great food, explore unique crafts, and people-watch. This inexpensive date idea gets you out and about where the conversation can flow easily.


2. Lottery Dreams

Buy two lottery tickets. Then, head to your favorite coffee house with your laptop and make your bucket lists for how you’ll spend your share of the winnings. Of course, plan on winning the biggest prize. See how your fantasies align.


3. Play Tourist

Every city has fun and exciting things to do that even the locals never know. Choose a nearby town and find out what makes it special. Hop on Google and find the hidden gems. Check out the tourist office to see what they have to offer.


4. Miniature Golf

Remember when we were kids, and miniature golf was the romantic date night? Embrace the nostalgia and those itty bitty pencils and see if you can make it through the windmill. This inexpensive date night idea offers gentle competition to keep you on your toes, with opportunities to sneak a cuddle at various places along the course.


5. Get Lost On Purpose

Sure, telling your date to get lost could be tricky. But when the two of you head out on the open road free from care and GPS guidance, each turn could get interesting. Crank up the tunes, roll down the windows, and have an adventure. Be sure that your auto insurance is up-to-date before hitting the road with your date.


6. Visit a Garden Center

Many garden centers are lush and inviting, offering customers a chance to get inspired. Take in the beauty of nature, and select a few plants and a container. Then, come home and get your hands dirty.


7. Go on a Picnic

Plan a picnic at your favorite park. It’s a simple, inexpensive date idea that gets you out in the sun, enjoying one another. Have fun with the menu. Recreate the calamari you shared on the first date or keep it simple and grab takeout from your favorite restaurant.


8. Sunrise, Sunset

Nature puts on a spectacular display every twelve hours with romantic overtones. Find a beautiful spot to take it in and bring a blanket to share along with coffee and donuts in the morning or wine and cheese for the evening. This is one very inexpensive date idea in that it costs nothing!


9. Video Arcade

Grab your quarters and head to the local video arcade. Play old-time favorites like Pac-Man and air hockey, or try your hand at Space Invaders. Keep the competition light, with an emphasis on laughter for the win.


10. Bonfire at the Beach

The beach takes on an entirely different personality at night, under the stars. So, bring a blanket and start a bonfire. You can even roast hotdogs over the fire with toasted marshmallows for dessert.


11. Concerts in the Park

Many cities around the country offer free concerts in local parks. Do some research and take in some beautiful music together.


12. Meet Each Other Again for the First Time

When you’ve been together for a long time, you may be looking for new ways to connect. Try going to a favorite place separately, and pretend you’ve never met. Find each other and start talking. As yourselves? As invented personas? That’s entirely up to you.


13. Become an Amateur Sports Fan

Gone are the days when a baseball game or football tickets could be considered an inexpensive date idea. But there are so many minor league baseball teams around where tickets, ‘dogs, and beer are a bargain. Or why not check out the amateur sports organizations in your area and take in some events? You may discover a new appreciation for a sport you’ve never considered. Cheering on the Fighting Wombats could be a great time.


14. Invent a New Cocktail

Hand-crafted cocktails at chi-chi restaurants are all the rage. But why push through the crush of people and shout over the noise? Instead, round up your favorite ingredients, fresh fruit, and a few bottles of alcohol. Create your own happy hour specialty.


15. Hobby Swap

This is a terrific and inexpensive date night idea, particularly when you’re still getting to know each other. Spend the afternoon sharing your talents. Maybe you’ll teach them to tango while they teach you how to throw a curve ball. Have fun with this, and meet somewhere in the middle.


16. Take a Segway Tour

Take a guided tour of local sights or head off on your own with a pair of Segway. Enjoy plenty of sunshine and fun, and cover a lot of distance as you go without leaving you too tired to reminisce on the day’s adventures.


17. Learn Something New

Take a class together that has you doing something creative and new. This cute, inexpensive date idea gets you both using your senses and imagination in a low-key environment. Try making pottery, salsa dancing, decorating cupcakes, making succulent-topped pumpkins, painting nudes, pulling taffy... Learning something new together creates easy intimacy.


18. Create Your Own Book Club Night

Find a book you’d both love to read. Then, plan an evening discussing it over wine and cheese. What made you laugh? When did you cry? Which character would you want to know? You’ll learn about each other as you explore the book.

Like these inexpensive date ideas demonstrate, there are many ways to save money without skimping on what matters most to you. These inexpensive date ideas can provide you with lots of fun and excitement without breaking the bank. Whether you choose to play tourist, take in a farmers' market, invent a new cocktail, or learn something new, these dates are sure to help you relax, talk, laugh, and enjoy your time together.



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