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Working From Home: 8 Tips For Productivity

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Working from home is now a way of life for many former office workers. As a result of the pandemic, companies in countless sectors switched their employees to work from home, and for many, there’s no going back. While there are many advantages to working remotely for employees and employers alike, the distractions of home can be many. Follow these eight easy WFH tips to boost productivity and reduce stress.

1. Set Expectations Early

Regardless of your specific remote-work arrangement, the first thing to do is talk with your boss to understand expectations. Setting guidelines will make it easier for both you and your employer. Discussing and prioritizing daily, weekly, and monthly projects is a great way to make sure you’re staying on track with your goals.

Working from home might also mean sharing your workspace with your roommates, partner, kids, or pets. If you live with other people or share a workspace elsewhere, it’s important to set boundaries. This is especially true if you have children at home, too. Setting clear ground rules and making sure your work won’t be disturbed for certain hours will make your WFH life much more productive.

2. Keep Your Morning Routine

We all remember the drudgery of the morning get-ready-for-work routine, and we’re all grateful it’s not a part of our lives anymore. However, keeping to a routine in the morning can help your mindset and prepare you for a more productive day. Rolling out of bed, opening your laptop, and starting work while your eyes are still blurry might seem like a good WFH strategy, but you’ll need to get breakfast, coffee, and a shower eventually.

Instead, start your day as if you were going to the office. If you take care of all your personal needs before sitting down to work, you’ll be more productive and less distracted throughout the day.

3. Stay on a Schedule

One of the best work from home tips for productivity is to keep a regular schedule. Our bodies and brains become accustomed to a schedule, and it’s important to have consistency when working from home. How you start your day sets the tone for the whole workday

You don’t have to follow a strict nine-to-five schedule but knowing when to work and when it’s time to stop is an important key to success. It can be easy to fall into the trap of putting in longer hours — especially when you start out at home because you don’t want to look like you’re slacking. Making your supervisor and teammates aware of your schedule and then sticking to that schedule will help you maintain a good work-life balance and avoid any misunderstandings around your availability.

Try using a time-tracking app to record the time you spend working versus taking breaks. You can then set working hours that best fit you. For example, if you tend to work into the evening, set an alarm to mark the end of the day. Once the alarm rings, you know you need to put your projects away for the day.

On the other hand, if you find yourself getting distracted often, set alarms for frequent, short breaks throughout the day. You may find it easier to focus on work if you know a break isn’t that far away.

4. Have a Dedicated, Organized Office Space

Most tips for working from home include having a dedicated space for an office as the atmosphere of our space affects our mood and productivity. Entering our office space signals to our brain that it’s “time to work.” If you have a spare room, such as a guest bedroom, switch the main purpose of the room to be your home office.

For those who don’t have extra space, set up your office space in a place that’s comfortable but doesn’t stop you from getting things done. Many remote employees choose to use their kitchen or dining table as a desk since there’s usually space for a computer and any paperwork you might need.

Remember to organize and tidy your office space at the beginning of each day, especially if you have a temporary workspace that’s taken down each evening.

5. Double Check Your Technology

A key challenge of working from home is that you often don’t have the same cybersecurity systems in place as your office. You need to be responsible for your own cybersecurity while working from home. This means having strong passwords, enabling multi-factor authentication, and installing updated antivirus software. You especially need to be careful if you log onto the company system from home.

If you’re working in a new remote environment like a cafe, a hotel, or a coworking space, always check to be sure your technology is working properly. Don’t wait until five minutes before an important video conference call to see if your webcam or microphone are working. Create a backup plan in case something goes wrong. For example, see if you can use your cell phone as a mobile hotspot if your wireless internet suddenly goes out.

6. Stay Connected with Coworkers

Staying connected with office mates in a non-work setting is important to keep yourself from feeling isolated. Some people start email chains or group chats for non-work topics only to replace the usual water-cooler chit-chat. Be sure, of course, to keep your conversations appropriate for the workplace, even if you are chatting from your kitchen table.

7. Review Your Home Insurance

Your insurance needs might be different now that you’re working from home. It’s a good time to call Wawanesa. One of our helpful agents can help you check that your home insurance coverage includes the equipment you’ve brought from the office and need to do your job.

8. Relax When Life Happens

Luckily, most employers, clients, and coworkers understand that situations can arise when you’re working from home. Whether it’s a demanding toddler, a neighbor’s barking dog, or a technology breakdown interrupting your important call, relax and remember that many of the people you’re interacting with are also at home. There’s a good chance they’ve experienced a similar interruption and are glad to know it happens to others as well.

These are some of the most important tips to work from home and be as productive as possible. Contact Wawanesa if you’d like to review your policy or get a quote to make sure your needs are covered while working from home.

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