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10 Tips for Healthy Living This Summer

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The long, sunny days of summer are finally here and it’s time to think about your summer plans. Many people use summertime to focus on building healthy habits. Longer days and nice weather make for the perfect time to get fit, eat better and enjoy life.

If you’re looking for ideas to start living a healthier lifestyle this summer, try some of these easy tips for healthy summer living.


1. Stay Hydrated

The heat of summer has most of us looking for ways to cool down. Luckily, just carrying a water bottle and staying hydrated can help keep you feeling cool. During high temperatures or extended periods of time outdoors, it’s important to drink lots of water. This will help your body produce sweat which keeps you cool. If you enjoy fizzy drinks like sodas try opting for sparkling water with fruit flavors instead. Not only will you satisfy your need for carbonation, but you’ll also help keep yourself hydrated.


2. Snack Healthy

Summertime is a great time to focus on eating healthy because many fruits, vegetables and other healthy foods are in season and readily available. When you’re packing snacks for work or a day out, remember to pack healthy options so you can skip foods like chips or candy. Simple snacks like fresh fruit or nuts make easy snacks that help keep you full between meals. You can also keep a veggie tray in the fridge and munch on celery, carrots and sliced bell peppers when you get hungry. Try dipping veggies in a healthy dip like hummus and avoid dips that are high in calories like ranch.


3. Take a Hike

It’s no secret that getting outside is good for your body. Going out in nature is a great way to relax while still getting in your exercise. Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or just starting out, there are plenty of trails to help you get started. Try heading to the local park for a quick hike in the evening or make a day trip to your nearest state park. No matter how short your hike, always remember to pack enough water for the trip and bring snacks like trail mix to help keep your body fueled. For longer hikes, you may want to bring a change of socks or a light rain jacket in case the weather turns sour.


4. Get Social

Summer is the perfect time to meet up with friends and family. Getting together with loved ones or making new friends can help boost your mood. Plan a day out with family that includes a picnic and a family softball or kickball tournament. You can also meet up with friends to enjoy a night on the patio, whether you head to a local restaurant or fire up the grill in the backyard.


5. See the Sunrise

Making a point to get up early and watch the sunrise is a great way to start your day. You can avoid the usual morning rush to get ready and out the door and instead relax over a cup of tea or coffee. Not only will getting up early to see the sunrise give you a beautiful view, but it can also help keep you cool. Try to plan your outdoor workouts for early morning to beat the heat of the day.


6. Make Outings Exercise

You can get a great workout in simply by visiting your favorite interesting places around town. Museums, zoos and even shopping can get you walking much more than you would normally. Plan a day out with the family that includes a scavenger hunt or a day with friends where you focus on taking the long way around. You’ll have fun while getting in some exercise.


7. Protect Your Skin

A beach trip or day in the park is a great way to relax, exercise and enjoy the outdoors. The sun, however, can be a big hazard to your skin. Make sure you apply sunscreen regularly throughout the day. As you apply, don’t forget the tips of your ears and your face as well as using a lip balm with SPF to help protect your lips.


8. Get Some Sleep

The summer months give you long days, but this doesn’t mean you need less sleep. In fact, with all the activities you’re doing, you might even need more sleep. Make sure you get to bed at a reasonable hour and stick to a schedule. Going to bed at the same time each night helps you get to sleep faster as your body begins to acclimate to bedtime.


9. Declutter Your Home

Spend a Saturday or a whole weekend decluttering your home. Whether you have lots of clothes that you haven’t worn or need to get rid of your children’s outgrown toys, decluttering can have your home feeling fresh. Coordinate with your neighbors and plan a yard sale for the block. This way you can spend time with your neighbors, clean up your home and get some cash for the things you don’t use. As a group, you can donate the unsold items to a local charity.


10. Relax and Enjoy the Season

One of the best parts of the summer months is the chance to get out and do lots of different activities. However, don’t forget to take time for yourself this summer. Planning a vacation, or a staycation gives you a chance to relax. Take a trip to the beach or go camping to get away from everyday life and enjoy some downtime.


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