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10 Tips For Fun (& EASY) DIY Halloween Family Costumes

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Halloween is the perfect time to let your creativity shine, and what better way to do that than by crafting DIY Halloween costumes for your whole crew? The process is simple. Start by “shopping” your closet. Then rummage through your child's dress-up box, sprinkle in a few craft supplies, and add a dash of imagination. Voilà! You've got yourself easy DIY Halloween costumes. And while saving a bunch, the memories you make while assembling these family costumes are priceless.

Whether you're crafting couples Halloween costumes DIY style or pulling together family costumes, there's a special kind of joy in making it yourself. So, let’s get creative. Don’t toss that jack-o'-lantern when the festivities are past! Discover eleven creative ways to use pumpkins other than for pie.

Ready to roll up those sleeves and dive into the DIY craftiness? Whether you're searching for the perfect couple’s Halloween costumes DIY or aiming for a whole family costume theme that could include all your neighbors, our suggestions will light up your imagination. So grab a handful of candy corn and prepare to be inspired.

Black and White Coordinated Classic Costumes

For timeless and easy DIY Halloween costumes, go with the classics. Witches, ghosts, and black cats in coordinating black and white is a stylish and easy win. Use white shirts or sheets for ghostly apparitions and opt for all-black outfits for the witches and cats, with a dash of face paint for whiskered wonders.

Slumber Party Family Costumes

Ready for the most comfortable Halloween ever? Outfit the clan in matching PJs. One of the adults can flaunt a fluffy pillow, while the other can don a draped blanket. As for the kids, pillowcases are perfect for candy hauls. Sleepwalking through trick-or-treating has never been this fun!

Mary Poppins-Themed Couple’s Halloween Costume DIY

For a practically perfect couple’s look, try Mary Poppins and Bert. Ladies, all you need is a white blouse, a dark skirt, a red bow tie, and a hat decorated with spring flowers. Swing a carpet bag and carry an umbrella to complete your look. Gents can step in time as Bert with a striped tee, suspenders, grey pants, and a newsboy cap. If you have little ones, chimney sweeps with brooms and grease paint or dancing penguins in tuxedo tees make it an adorable family costume.

Circus Folk Family Costumes

The circus is in town, and your family is center stage! Dress one as a dashing ringmaster with a whip and tall boots, another as an elegant tightrope walker with an umbrella for balance, and an acrobat in tights and sequins. There are as many parts to play as you have people. For a fun couple’s Halloween costume, the ringmaster and their loyal lion steal the show — achieve the lion's look with a golden outfit, a furry hood, and some fierce makeup.

Zombie Apocalypse Group Costume

The undead are rising, and they're... your family? Dive into the spooky season with a group zombie look. Grab old clothes to rip, stain, and distress, then head to the thrift store for extras. Complete your transformation with pale face paint, dark circles under your eyes, and the signature red splatter. This easy DIY Halloween costume is a spine-chilling way to unite the clan!

Cloud and Rainbow Couple’s Halloween Costumes

Bring some weather magic to the party with this enchanting duo! Craft a radiant rainbow dress with strips of multi-colored construction paper glued or sewn onto a simple dress or t-shirt. For the cloud, attach fluffy polyester batting to a white outfit or drape over an umbrella for a whimsical touch. And if the forecast calls for family costumes, have the kids dress up as lightning with jagged gold or silver fabric accents. Or a blue tee or leotard is the basis for a raindrop costume. Add some blue glitter or sequins to make the raindrop shimmer and sparkle, giving it a magical touch.

KISS Family Costume Ideas

Rock on, family style. With leather pants (or faux leather if you prefer), sky-high platform shoes, and iconic face paint, transform into the legendary members of Kiss. Channel the Star Child, the Demon, the Spaceman, and the Catman as you jam out. It's not just a family costume; it's a rock 'n' roll statement!

Star Trek Crew

Engage in a space adventure with iconic Star Trek uniforms. Pair long-sleeved tees in red, gold, and blue. With a bit of silver duct tape, cut and place the Starfleet emblem on the chest. And remember, every crew needs a Spock. Mold Silly Putty or liquid latex into pointy ears. Or store-bought elf ears painted appropriately can do the trick. With the family costumes all set, you're ready to explore new worlds.

DIY Baby Shark and Family Costumes

Make waves this Halloween with handmade Baby Shark family costumes. Begin with cardboard, sketching out one large shark shape per person. Paint your sharks in their signature colors, complete with white bellies. Cut foam balls in half and paint them for great eyes. Each shark dresses in the proper color and carries its swimming silhouette. And remember, Mommy Shark rocks red lips and fluttery eyelashes. Assemble, strut, and be prepared for a chorus of "Baby Shark doo doo doo!"

Classic Pac-Man Game Costume

We’re chomping on nostalgia with this 80s throwback family costume idea. For Pac-Man, use a large cardboard circle painted yellow with a pie-slice mouth cut out. Ghosts can sport draped cloths in their distinctive hues, and don't forget those wide, watchful eyes. Chase and be chased as you recreate this classic game!

Ghosts and ghouls, look out! Whether you’re trick-or-treating or enjoying an alternative Halloween celebration, you and yours will be the life of the party when you strut your DIY family costumes.

Make sure the only frights this holiday come from goblins and ghouls. A quick review of your auto insurance policy with a friendly Wawanesa agent should set your fears to rest. Then, you can fully enjoy a spook-tacular Halloween.

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