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An extra layer of protection
Personal Umbrella Coverage

Do you …

  • Have children?
  • Do volunteer work?
  • Travel a lot?
  • Have pets?
  • Use social media?
  • Own rental properties?

If you answer Yes to any of these, you should consider this extra protection.

As sensibly as we might go about our own lives, other people’s actions can be unpredictable.

Who is at risk?

A lot of people associate liability with businesses or high-income earners. The reality is that most of us are targets for legal action, even when going about our day-to-day lives.

With personal umbrella coverage, you get additional liability protection that goes beyond your current home or auto policies. It covers your legal fees and loss of income from liability claims – even if you experience an incident outside of Canada.

Personal umbrella coverage is available as a separate insurance policy at a very low rate.

Base premiums start at
$120 / year

This is often more affordable than increasing your liability coverage on existing policies (and infinitely more affordable than a potential lawsuit).

Contact a qualified Wawanesa Insurance broker to learn more about

Personal Umbrella Coverage

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Brokers, contact your Business Development Representative about providing this coverage to clients.