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If it happens to you, will you be covered?

Talk to your broker about cyber protection.

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You wouldn’t consider leaving your home, vehicle, or valuables unprotected.

But what does that mean today?

New cyber trends are appearing constantly. The use of technology in almost every aspect of our lives is changing the way we think about protecting ourselves. Our personal cyber insurance is designed to shield you from the consequences of today’s most common threats.

Cyber Attack

Computers and connected devices, like smart home equipment, can be exposed to nasty malware viruses simply by opening an attachment from an unknown email, clicking on online ads or downloading unofficial software. If infected, you could face loss or damage to your files and systems – which could be costly to replace or repair. Your coverage pays to recover and restore systems affected by a cyber attack.

Cyber Extortion

Despite what we see on TV, hackers don’t just target large corporations and high-profile people. In fact, everyday people are more attractive targets because they often don’t have the knowledge or resources to protect themselves. Ransomware viruses will threaten to damage, disable or deny you access to files on your devices or systems. Your coverage ensures you won’t be out of pocket for payments and professional assistance in responding to cyber extortion demands.

Online Fraud

Sometimes it can be difficult to tell fact from fiction online. Whether it’s a believable email that appears to come from a friend or family member, a fake contest offer, or requests for charitable donations, scammers use a wide variety of tactics to try and gain access to confidential information via email – often relying on the trust of the recipient. Your coverage protects you from financial loss due to criminal deception, identity theft and unauthorized use of credit cards or bank accounts.

Data Breach Coverage

The contact information you keep electronically may seem harmless - like friends’ phone numbers, addresses and birthdays. But in the wrong hands, these can be used for malicious intent. Your coverage takes the responsibility off your shoulders in the event of loss, theft or accidental release of other people’s sensitive information that was stored on your systems.

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