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Wawanesa Mobile allows you to access your proof of insurance and submit an auto or home insurance claim in minutes. It’s designed to lead you through the claim process quickly and easily without missing any important details.

  • Access your automobile's proof of insurance, even when you're offline
  • Report an accident, theft or damage immediately
  • Easily capture, store and submit claim details using your device's camera and audio features
  • Connect with Roadside Assistance and Customer Service
  • Track your exact location via GPS

Available for download on your iPhone® or Android™ device through the App Store and Google Play

Wawanesa Mobile FAQ

How do I download Wawanesa Mobile?

You can download Wawanesa Mobile for your Android™ device or iPhone® through Google Play or the App Store.

How do I access my proof of insurance through Wawanesa Mobile?

To access your proof of insurance, you must create a Wawanesa Mobile account. Upon tapping "My Profile", you will be prompted to either create a password protected account or sign in via Google+ or Facebook. After entering your policy number, full name and zip code, your account will be fully linked and you may access your proof of insurance. You will only need to complete this process once.

Do I have to sign in every time I use Wawanesa Mobile?

No. You will be prompted to sign in to access My Profile or your Auto Proof of Insurance. You will remain signed in to Wawanesa Mobile unless you sign out.

All other areas within Wawanesa Mobile do not require users to sign in.

I forgot my Wawanesa Mobile password! Who do I contact?

No need to call or email! Simply follow the steps outlined within Wawanesa Mobile by tapping "Forgot Password?".

What does it mean if my account is listed as “pending cancellation”?

Your account may have been cancelled or is in the process of cancellation.

If you have further inquiries, you may use our Feedback Page to contact a representative. Please include your full name, account number and contact information with your inquiry.

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