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Five Summer Car Safety Tips

summer vehicle safety includes keeping passengers cool

There’s nothing quite like a summer road trip but hitting the highway without proper preparation can spell disaster for your vacation. Maintain a safe environment for yourself and those around you with our list of summer vehicle safety tips.

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How to Be a Defensive Driver: 6 Defensive Driving Tips to Keep You Safe on the Road

how to be a defensive driver

Do you know how to be a defensive driver? Check out our infographic to learn how to avoid car accidents and stay safe on the road. From using turn signals to keeping a safe distance between you and other drivers, these small defensive driving techniques can make a big difference!

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Five Car Insurance Myths That Aren’t True

Do red cars cost more to ensure?

Some of the most common myths about cars, insurance and driving can be downright confusing. We set the record straights on five of the most common car insurance myths in this informative post. Read on to learn more.

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Are You a Good Driver? Take the Good Driver Test

Are You a Good Driver? Take the Good Driver Test

Depending on when you took driver’s ed, decades may have passed since the last time you tested your driving knowledge. Take our quiz to determine if you are a good driver (or to see if you could use a refresher course!)

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Why Do I Need Car Insurance?

Why do I need car insurance? It protects you from uninsured motorists

Ever ask yourself, “Why do I need car insurance?” This article covers five reasons why you need to have car insurance, including protecting yourself from financial losses, lawsuits and more. Do I need car insurance? The answer is yes! Read on to find out why.

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Airbags, Air Fresheners, and Attentive Driving: All About Auto in April

Part of buying a new home is choosing a homeowners insurance policy

At Wawanesa, we believe that good drivers deserve great rates. Learn how to be a good driver during Car Care Month and Distracted Driving Awareness Month.

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What to Do After a Car Accident (with Inforgraphic)

learn what to do at the scene of an accident

Do you know what to do in a car accident? Need help filing a claim? Read this article to learn about what happens after a car accident, what you should do at the scene of the accident and how to process your claim.

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What are Car Insurance Limits and Coverages?

Car insurance liability limits tell you what’s covered in the event of a car accident

Are you properly insured? Finding the answer is more difficult than you'd think. Understanding your car insurance policy limits can help prepare you for the worst-case scenario. Read this post for insight and guidance on your coverage.

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5 Reasons to Get Renters Insurance Now


If you’re asking yourself, “Why do I need renters insurance?” this informational post can help answer that question. We explain five reasons to get renters insurance and how Wawanesa can help with the process. Read on to learn more.

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Home Warranty vs Homeowners Insurance - What You Need to Know

difference between homeowners insurance and home warranty

Are you a new homeowner? Unsure about the difference between homeowners insurance and home warranty policies? Contact Wawanesa to learn more and get a free quote. We can help protect your home from fire, theft, natural disasters and more.

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What Caused My Car Insurance Rate to Change?

Increasing costs of claims and repairs affect car insurance rates

Have you noticed a change in your car insurance statement? Find out what causes car insurance to go up or down in this post. There are many factors that affect car insurance prices, and Wawanesa can help you understand your rates. Contact us today for a free quote.

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What's the Minimum Car Insurance I Need in California?

property damage coverage plays a role in California minimum car insurance

Does the California minimum car insurance requirement offer enough coverage for you? To find out how much auto insurance is right for you, check out this post and then contact Wawanesa Insurance. Get a free online quote for liability coverage, collision coverage, and more.

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Renters Insurance: What Does It Cover?

Find out what renters insurance covers

What does renters insurance cover? What does renters insurance not cover? Get answers to these questions and everything else you need to know about renters insurance. Get a free online quote today and protect your belongings with a renters policy from Wawanesa Insurance.

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What Types of Car Insurance Discounts are Available?

Good drivers deserve great rates and discounts on car insurance

Learn how to get discounts on car insurance with the help of this informative post from Wawanesa Insurance. Then, contact one of our insurance professionals to find out how you can lower your car insurance premiums with different types of car insurance discounts.

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9 Things You Can Do to Lower Your Car Insurance Rate

Things you can do to lower your car insurance rates

Looking to Cut Down on Expenses? Check out this post to find out how you can lower your car insurance, and then get a free online quote! Wawanesa offers good driver discounts, multi-car discounts, driver training discounts and more.

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5 Homeowners Insurance Tips for First-Time Home Buyers

Part of buying a new home is choosing a homeowners insurance policy

Buying homeowners insurance for the first time? Read this post to get helpful tips from the homeowners insurance experts at Wawanesa, and then call us to get a quote! We’ll help you protect your home from natural disasters and more.

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What are California's Car Insurance Requirements?

car insurance laws for driving in California

California Car Insurance Laws - Not sure what car insurance is required in California? Most states require you to purchase some form of auto insurance coverage if you own or operate a car and California is no exception. Learn about specific auto insurance requirements in California and which ones are mandatory here.

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7 Factors that Affect Your Car Insurance Rate

car insurance laws for driving in California

What affects car insurance rates? There are so many factors, some of which are in a driver's control and some that are not. Clear up the confusion by reading this post which outlines seven factors that affect car insurance prices.

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