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How to Maintain Your Car During Shelter-in-Place


How to Maintain Your Car During Shelter in Place

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As many have started to work from home to help slow the spread of COVID-19, many find themselves not driving their car as often as before. It's important to remember to maintain your car to prevent from dead batteries or rusted parts. Follow this guide to help you keep your vehicle in a top condition while you're staying indoors.


Call Ahead About Repairs

  • Call your repair shop or dealership to make an appointment for necessary repairs.
  • Ask if there are any maintenance or repairs you can put off for a few weeks till the order is lifted.
  • Try to get an appointment when the shop is least busy and see if you can drop it off and come back to pick up later.
  • Sanitize your car once you get it back. Wipe down:
    • Keys
    • Exterior and interior door handles
    • Steering wheel
    • Turn signal
    • Dashboard buttons, controls and infotainment screens


    Keep Your Battery Charged

    • Modern car batteries shouldn’t go bad within a couple of weeks, but you can help them stay healthy.
    • Run your car for at least 5 minutes every week or two to help the battery stay charged.
    • Never start a car in an enclosed space, like a garage. Make sure there’s plenty of ventilation.
    • Consider getting a battery tender that charges your car battery.


    Don’t Let Brake Pads Rust

    • Condensation can form when your car sits for too long without a full tank.
    • Consider filling your car up with a full tank of gas before you start staying home.
    • Or, try adding a fuel additive and going for a quick drive to mix it in. Stabilizer additives help extend the life of your fuel.


    Protect Your Tires

    • Cars that sit in one spot can develop flat spots on the tires from the weight of the car.
    • Drive to a new parking spot or around the block so different parts of the tire rest against the ground.
    • Check your tire pressure regularly and keep tires inflated to manufacturer recommendations.
    • Consider inflating your tires slightly above the recommended pressure to help combat flat spots from not driving.


    Do an At-Home Detail

    • Throw away trash that’s accumulated in your car.
    • Grab the vacuum cleaner and vacuum every crevice.
    • Clean dust and smudges from your dashboard and windshield.
    • Use a waxing kit to protect your car’s paint and add shine.


    Do a Thorough Check-Up After the Order is Lifted

    • Head to your local mechanic for a check-up once the order is lifted.
    • Your mechanic can look for any damage so you know your car is safe to drive.
    • A trip to the repair shop also helps local businesses and employees who may have been affected by business closures during the order.



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