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Are You a Good Driver? Take the Good Driver Test


Are You a Good Driver? Take the Good Driver Test

It’s a question we rarely ask ourselves, because everyone wants to think they’re a good driver! Chances are good that if you had to take the same driver’s test as when you were 16 – you know, the one with all the obscure signs – you’d struggle a bit.

It doesn’t help that some of those tests are actually pretty easy. Here in the US we rank among the middle of the pack in terms of how tough our qualifications are. This is in contrast to the UK where you may have to drive backwards around a corner or in Japan where you may be expected to pull off starting on a hill with a manual transmission.

But driving is far from being all about technical skill. Most car crashes are caused by simple absentmindedness, overconfidence or bad luck. Leading causes include:

  • Rolling Stops: overconfident drivers who believe the coast is clear may let their car roll through a stop sign while checking… only to have a pedestrian dart out in front of them.

  • Distractions: you may think you’re smart enough to use your phone or play with the radio while driving …but statistics quickly prove that you would be wrong. In fact, some studies show an inverse link between this perceived skill and actual skill!

  • Following Too Closely: rear-end collisions comprise up to a third of all crashes.

With all that said, are you a good driver? Let’s put that to the test! Our fun quiz below will ask you some challenging questions about traffic laws, mechanical skill, and general rules of thumb for safe driving…some of which relate to those leading causes of traffic accidents.

Disclaimer: This “Are You a Good driver” Quiz is for entertainment purposes only. This quiz cannot be used to obtain a discounted auto insurance quote from Wawanesa.




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