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10 Home Projects You Can Tackle In a Weekend — Renters Too!

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The first words to pop in your head when you hear “renovation” are probably cost, time and mess. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on a major renovation to upgrade your home. There are plenty of options to make your home more inviting that take only a day or two to complete.

Upgrade your home with these 10 simple projects that won’t damage your house and can be done in a weekend.


1. Make New Throw-Pillow Covers

Throw pillows are a great way to add some personality to your place. You can switch them out based on color schemes, seasons, or occasions. Buying throw pillows for every holiday or season can get expensive, however. You’ll also have to find a place to store all those pillows — which isn’t always easy in a small house or apartment.

Instead of buying new pillows, try making a pillowcase or cover that fits over your existing pillow. Pillow covers are easy to make and take up almost no space when not in use. You can use a sewing machine to make your own or use a tying method for a no-sew option. To make the no-sew pillow cover, simply take two pieces of fabric and cut the edges into strips. Tie the two pieces of fabric together using the strips you cut to hold them together.


2. Turn an Old Bookshelf into a Cart

If you enjoy making specialty coffee, hosting wine tastings, or serving up cocktails, you can use your tools as kitchen décor. Use an old bookshelf as a kitchen or bar cart to show off your coffee accessories, wine collection, or mixology tools.

You can usually find old bookshelves for a cheap at garage sales or local online marketplaces. Sand off any existing paint or stains and repaint the shelf to coordinate with your kitchen. You can even try making doors for the front of the bookshelf.


3. Use Small Spaces for Pets

Do you have a spot in your home that’s going to waste because it’s too small for any of your furniture? Turn it into a paradise for your pets. For example, the space under your stairs or a small alcove in your hallway can be used as a pet’s room.

Measure the space you’re going to use and build a pet bed that fits perfectly. You can build your pet bed from scratch or look for a bookshelf or wooden storage cube that fits the space. Add a pet bed to the lowest shelf and use the upper shelves for storing treats, food, or toys.


4. Make Recycling Easier

Recycling bins, compost bins, and trash cans can leave your kitchen, garage, or sidewalk looking a little messy. Improve the look of your home and streamline the recycling process by making a recycling center.

Use an old dresser to create storage spaces for each type of recycling bin. Remove the drawers from the dresser and repaint it to your favorite color or design. You can even leave a few of the drawers to store spare trash bags and cleaning supplies.


5. Upgrade Window Treatments

A lot of homes come with plain plastic blinds — especially if you’re renting. One of the easiest upgrades you can make to your home is replacing these boring blinds with fashionable window treatments.

You can completely replace the blinds with bamboo coverings or custom blinds if you own the home. Renters should consider adding curtains as an easy way to upgrade your plain blinds. The best part of adding curtains is that you can easily take them to use at your next place when you move.


6. Change Lighting Fixtures

A boring or outdated light fixture can make a room feel incomplete. Swapping your existing light fixtures takes only a few minutes. Some new light fixtures can be expensive, so be sure to look for sales or clearance events at your local hardware or home improvement store.


7. Reorganize Closets

Messy closets can make using the things in the closet a chore. You’ll have to dig through the mess to find what you need — whether that’s clothes, dishes or cleaning supplies. The good news is you can completely organize and remodel a closet in a weekend..

Look at your space and draw out your organized design on paper. Be sure to take measurements of the space so you know what size of storage containers or shelving to buy. Use matching fabric or plastic storage bins to keep items of the same type together — such as winter clothes or summer gear.


8. Change Door Handles

A fast, easy project to elevate the look of your home is to simply swap out your door handles. Change a bland doorknob to an ornate handle in minutes. Moreover, making the switch doesn’t require a lot of tools. Most door handles can be changed with only a screwdriver and usually, the new handle will include the screws needed to install it.


9. Make Your Shower a Spa

Swapping your old showerhead for a new one can transform bath time from a necessity to a luxury occasion. You’ll find lots of showerhead designs that can turn your shower into a spa. Many offer varying water jet settings so you can find the perfect jet pattern for you.

Changing your showerhead should take only a few minutes. If you’re renting your home you can store the old showerhead until it’s time to move. That way you can take your spa shower head with you when you go. While you’re making adjustments to your shower head, be sure to check to see if your water pressure is at a safe level. High water pressure can cause expensive plumbing issues and wear down appliances.


10. Upgrade Cabinet Pulls

Like door handles, a lot of cabinets come with plain round knobs. Change the look of your kitchen or bathroom without the hassle of removing, painting, or restoring the cabinets by swapping the pulls. Cabinet knobs are often affordable and easy to install. Look for novelty pulls to fit themed rooms — such as seashell-shaped pulls for a beach-themed bathroom.



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