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Keeping Dry: How to Prevent or Minimize Water Damage to Your Property

There are few things more frustrating for a homeowner than a flooded basement. It can happen all too easily and, often, without warning.

Flooded basements can be caused by:

  • improper disposal of materials such as fats, oils, grease and diapers;
  • tree roots growing through cracks in the waterlines and causing blockages;
  • sewer backups caused by overloaded stormwater and sanitary sewer infrastructure;
  • frozen water pipes;
  • vandals blocking lines with bricks, wood, oil filters, bed springs, and even Christmas trees in manholes; and
  • illegal hookups allowing excess water into the lines. Outside stairwell drains, sump pumps, roof leaders and drain gutters should never be connected to the sewer system.
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