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Residential Optional Coverages

Optional coverages that count

Do you own certain valuables, equipment or other items that call for specific coverage? Would you like them all covered under the same policy? Once again, Wawanesa offers a solution...

Thanks to specific optional coverage, Wawanesa's household insurance policies can also include supplementary coverage for items you value, whether you own a home, a condo unit or are a tenant: jewellery, furs, silverware, cameras, professional equipment, computers, paintings, art objects, coins, stamps, boats, etc.

A range of options

Planning to insure your second or seasonal home? Simply speak with an insurance agent who will recommend the coverage that best meets your needs.

Short Term Rental

This optional coverage may be added to your homeowners, condominium or seasonal policy to provide coverage against damages when you rent your dwelling on a short term basis through a recognized home rental network.

Above Ground Swimming Pool and Spa

With this optional coverage, we insure your above ground swimming pool and spa against damages caused by freezing, the weight of ice or snow. We will pay, whether the damaged property has been replaced or not, according to a decreasing replacement cost percentage based on the age of the pool or spa.

Building By-Laws

Provides coverage to pay the cost of demolition, construction or repair to comply with local building by-laws.


Covers you against direct physical loss or damage to the property caused by an earthquake shock, subject to the exclusions and conditions of your policy.


Higher amounts of insurance are provided for jewellery, furs, collections, art and extra coverages included such as Arson Conviction Reward and coverage for the personal property of an insured or parent of an insured while residing in a nursing home among others. Please refer to the policy wordings for the limitations and deductibles that apply.

Golf Cart

This optional coverage will insure your golf cart against loss or damage while in use on your premises, a golf course, camp grounds, retirement communities, mobile home or gated communities where permitted.

Home Systems Protection

Home Systems Protection pays for repair or replacement of covered equipment that is damaged caused by sudden and accidental mechanical or electrical breakdown. Examples of covered equipment are central air conditioning systems, heating equipment, hot water heaters, electrical panels and personal property such as appliances and electronics.

Identity Fraud Expense

This optional coverage is designed to provide coverage for those expenses that a person is most likely to incur in their efforts to restore the accuracy of their identifying information. $10,000 basic coverage is included in all Residential policies. Higher amounts are available.

Pet Accident

This optional coverage provides up to $2000 to pay for veterinary services, prescribed medications and boarding expenses if your pet is injured in an automobile accident.

Scheduled Personal Articles

This optional coverage may be added to your policy to cover specific personal items of higher values, such as an engagement ring, fur coat, a stamp collection, medical device or expensive sports equipment. Please call your insurance agent to discuss your particular requirements.

Service Line Coverage

Service Line coverage pays to repair or replace homeowner-owned, exterior underground water and sewer piping, electrical service lines and data lines that fail or are accidentally broken.

Sewer Back-up

This optional coverage may be added to insure you against accidental back-up from sewers, sump or septic tanks, eavestroughs, downspouts, holding pond, retention tank or French drains. The maximum limit is $30,000 and certain damages are excluded.

Water Damage - Above Ground Water

This optional coverage may be added for a minimal premium to insure you against water infiltration through the roof, walls, etc., and leaks from eavestroughs, downspouts, etc. Certain damages are excluded.

Water Damage - Ground Water and Sewers

This optional coverage may be added for a minimal premium to insure you against ground water infiltration through walls and openings in basements, foundations, etc., back-up from sewers, septic tanks, French drains, etc. The maximum limit is $30,000 and certain damages are excluded.

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